Comparison Of Amt Implementation Levels In 2010 With Levels In 2001

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4. Comparison of AMT Implementation Levels in 2010 with Levels in 2001

The main aggregate results of this paper are presented in Table 2a (Future plans of AMT Adoption and AMT Investment Plans in 2010), Table 2b (Current AMT Adoption Levels in 2010) and Table 3 (Current and Future AMT Adoption Levels with AMT Investment: 2010 and 2001 Comparison).

4.1 AMT Implementation Levels
Table 2a and 2b indicate that the good pace of AMT adoption in India continues with some increase in pace. The grand average of adoption for all the 25 technologies in 2010 is 2.125 (1-not implemented, 2-implementation in progress, 3-fully implemented) which was 2.002 in 2001. With respect to future plans for adoption the average for all technologies is 1.954 in 2010, which was 1.867 (1-no plans, 2-considering plans, 3-have plans) in 2001. Similarly, the 2010 and 2001 values for plans requiring investment are 0.505 and 0.62 respectively (0-no, 1-yes).
Table 3 shows the details of the changes that have occurred among individual technologies. Some technologies, for example (#1) CAD, despite being implemented at a high rate (2.05) is lower in rank now (17) than in 2001 (2). In the other direction, for example, (#23) JIT has gone up in rank, it is ranked 7 now versus 16 in 2001. For other technologies, values can be seen in the table and compared. The industries which have changed ranks significantly indicating a direction from lower to higher rate of adoption or accelerated rate of investment for their adoption are discussed more thoroughly in the following sections.
4.2 Effects of Technology Levels (I, II, III) on AMT Implementation

Table 4 (Current status of average AMT adoption by level of technology and year) further elaborates on the trends of the implementation of technologies. During the last decade current status of average AMT adoption levels of Level I technologies did not change significantly, although, there is a slight indication of the decline in its implementation. The average level of adoption of Level II technologies did not gain large-scale implementation as Level I did, nevertheless, there is a tendency in increasing of the implementation of Level II technology. Moreover, the gap between current status average AMT adoption of Level I and II shrank from 0.61 in 2001 to 0.26 in 2010. Similarly, the gap between current status of average AMT adoption of Level II and III shrank from 0.32 in 2001 to 0.20 in 2010 (see Chart 1 and Chart 2).
According to Chart 1, a function of AMT adoption level (as a function of Level of technology) is downward sloping, indicating that the more sophisticated the technology is, the lower the AMT implementation of this technology. Similarly, from Chart 2 one can see that slopes of the lines for Level II and III are positive, indicating that with time Level II and Level III technologies advanced further in their implementation.

4.3 Effect of Company Size on AMT Implementation

Table 5 (Current status of...

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