Comparison Of Antigone And Creons Leadership.

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The story of Antigone is full of issues regarding leadership and the conflict surrounding these issues. Creon decisions and choices were influenced by his inexperience in leadership. His forceful style leads him straight to disaster which results in losing his son and wife. This disaster was a direct result of his decision to kill Antigone for disobeying his edict regarding the forbidden burial of her brother, Polyneices. He believed his rules were superior, even to those unwritten statues of the God's which Antigone was committed. In his attempts to justify himself to the other characters, he used rational persuasion. This only revealed his gender bias toward women and his disdain for the views of his youthful son, Haemon. His use of coercive power and ensuing symbolic action of making an example of Antigone was surely made to strengthen his position of power and authority within his kingdom. Creon's inexperience in the field of leadership resulted in unimaginable sorrow and death.This discussion will address the topics of leadership style, decision making, conflict style, and how the various characters respond to these issues. Both Creon and Antigone will be examined regarding these topics. Antigone's defiance to Creon's edict is the underlying source of conflict. The aspects of leadership presented in the Antigone case are relevant in all areas of an individual's life. By analyzing Creon's and Antigone's opposing view points and how they relevant to today, we can learn by Creon's example to become better leaders ourselves.Leadership Power and InfluencePersonalized LeaderCreon displayed traits of a personalized leader for he was typically selfish, impulsive, and exercised power for his own self centered needs and interest rather than take into consideration what was good for his people. He used Antigone's punishment in a symbolic nature to demonstrate consequences for those who dare defy the rules of his kingdom. Although this symbolic action was not a positive, it certainly served Creon's purpose.Conflict StyleThroughout the story, it is evident Creon responds to conflict in a forcing nature. This style does not give much concern for others. Individuals who adopt a forcing style, tend be on the aggressive side. They are not afraid to use their power and authority to settle an argument. Forcers are not good at human relations and eventually this style rubs many people the wrong way. "Most importantly, relying solely on a forcing style can be dangerous. Forcers find it difficult to admit when they are wrong" (McFarland & Sweeney, 2002, p. 248). In both Creon's dialect with Antigone and later Haemon, it is clear Creon did not consider, even for second, that his edict to refuse burial for Polyneices was morally and ethically wrong. Haemon tried to get his father, Creon, to see a different view point regarding the burial of Polyneices, but Creon dismissed what Haemon says simply as "unwise instructions in wisdom" (Hartwick Humanities in...

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