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Comparison Of Biomes Essay

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A biome is the collection of the ecosystems that are similar. Ecosystems that are part of one biome are similar in flora, fauna, and climate. Since different species of plants and animals have different adaptation of climate, plants and animals living in each biome are indicating the climate of their biome. There are four biomes in Canada. These biomes that exist in Canada are Tundra, Boreal Forests, Temperate Deciduous Forests, and Grasslands.

The Tundra Biome is located in the northern part of Canada. The word “tundra” is come from the Finnish word “tunturia”, that means the barren land. The Tundra Biome is the coldest biome in Canada, so its climate is cold enough to freeze soil that forms permafrost all over the biome. Precipitation in this biome is 6 to 10 inches of rain each year including the molten snow, so its precipitation is as low as desert. Due to cold climate, plants can be found rarely in this biome. There are about 1,700 species of plants are living in there. The most of them are mosses, lichens, and short grasses that are growing on a thin layer that called as “active layer” on the permafrost. Since growing season is about 50 to 60 days long, they should grow and reproduce rapidly. Animal life in this biome is not as diverse as other biomes, but there are many species of animals are living there. The most known species in this biome are polar bears and arctic foxes. Some migratory birds such as harlequin ducks are living in this biome, too. Tundra is fragile biome. Mining and pesticide usage is the major factor that harms its biodiversity since it breaks the food chain for migratory birds.

The Boreal Forest is a lot different than Tundra. It is also called as “Taiga”, and the largest biome in Canada. The Boreal Shield is located just south of Tundra but it is different than Tundra by various factors. Its climate is temperate, so even though winter in Boreal Forest is cold, permafrost like in Tundra cannot form because the summer in Boreal Forest is warm. The common form of precipitation is snow, rain, and dew. Dominant plants in this biome are coniferous trees such as pine. The shapes and needles of coniferous trees are adapted to the climate of Boreal Forest that is cold, acidic, and snowy. The biodiversity of this biome is way higher than Tundra but lower than Deciduous Forest. Since this biome is mostly the forest, its biodiversity is mostly harmed by wildfires.

The Deciduous Forest is located in southern parts of Ontario and Quebec. The climate in this biome is similar with the Boreal Forest since its climate is temperate, but not as cold as the Boreal Forest. Precipitation in this...

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