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EXECUTIVE BRANCH CANADA UNITED STATESCOMPARISON - Leaders voted in depending on political policies.- Term in office is 3-5 years long- Must be a member of a political party- Required to be, over age of 18, a Canadian citizen, and leader of a political party to become a Prime Minister- Can appoint Senate, governor-general, and justices for the Supreme Court.- Impeachment of Prime Minister is prohibited.- Prime Minister can hold office for more than 2 consecutive terms. - Leader chosen for personal policies, and not party policies.- Term in office is 4 years long; cannot serve more than 2 terms consecutively- President does not have to be a member of a political party- To be president, a person must be over 35, lived in the United States for 14 years, and MUST be born in the United States.- President holds power to veto laws.- President can be impeached- Represents the peoplePROS - Allows choice between different political parties- Free election replaces leader and party every 5 years- Very little bureaucracy Government represents the people- Governor-general can call election if he/she feels government is unreliable. - Prime Minister is responsible for his/her constituency and therefore can be voted out. - President chosen for personal policies, and not political policies.- Impeachment of President makes him/her more controllable.- Veto power held by president makes it harder for Congress to force a bill.- President can pick cabinet from anyone in U.S.A, whoever is best.- Neither side can force their will on the other groupCONS - Prime Minister holds too much power.- Party members follow party policies, and not necessarily the people- Minority government is very unstable.- Election campaigns cost money, and wealthy business owners can maneuver to gain a better position with the government. - Patronage appointments for senators.- Prime Minister can force will on senators and cabinet members if they want to hold their seat.- Cannot dispose Prime Minister until next election - Slower passing of laws due to split between President & Congress- Patronage appointments for Cabinet advisors- Cabinet is only responsible to President, and not the people.- Extra bureaucracy, and redundancy can cause complicationsLEGISLATIVE BRANCH CANADA UNITED STATESCOMPARISON - 105 members in Senate- Senate appointed by Prime Minister- Unequal representation for provinces in Senate.- Must be 30 of age & can serve until 75 years of age or Prime Minister replaces.- House of Commons made up by Prime Ministers cabinet- Varying number of cabinet members...

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