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Comparison Of 'ghazal' And 'the Farmer's Bride'

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Mimi Khalvati explores the theme of longing in her ten stanza Ghazal, ‘Ghazal.’ Semantic fields of nature and constant refrain help express out the central themes of the poem. Likewise, ‘The Farmer’s Bride’ by Charlotte Mew uses structure and natural imagery to explore the theme of wanting and imbalance in the relationship she presents in her poem.
‘Ghazal’ uses contrast to ambiguously suggest the unlikelihood of a relationship between the speaker and her lover. Juxtaposition of the ‘iron fist in the velvet glove’ is presented to suggest the contrast between the two. An ‘iron’ is a cold and hard substance, whereas a ‘velvet glove’ is a soft and gentle substance. This then implies that they ...view middle of the document...

The stanzas of various lengths represents and imbalance in the relationship, and this is represented throughout the course of the poem, with only the last stanza which is presented in a stair-way format subtly suggesting progression in the relationship, as the farmer is now accepting of the ‘poor maid’ and possibly regretful of the animalistic manner he treated her throughout. His sympathy for her is shown through, suggesting his willingness to try and build the marriage they have. This is a contrast to ‘Ghazal’ where by the final stanza there isn’t presented to be any progress made in the speaker quenching her unrequited love. The refrain of ‘to me’ is repeated in the end line, this brings a sense of individuality as it is always ‘me’, emphasising her unrequited status. Despite the speakers yearning throughout the Ghazal, progress hasn’t been made, indicating the speaker could be giving up.
The speaker in ‘Ghazal’ emphasises her reliance on her lover to have the power in the relation. She urges her lover to ‘weave a spell and subdue me.’ From this cryptic imagery Khalvati gives a message that the power in the relationship will reside with the man. ‘Subdue me’ is has connotations of ruling over something, so is therefore suggestive of the character wanting to be controlled and...

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