Comparison Of Google And Apple: Two Giants In The Business World

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Google is multinational public corporation of United States of America that invested in cloud computing, Internet search and several advertising technologies. Its main business is to develop and host Internet based products and services. The company makes profit through “AdWords” which is internet based advertising program. The CEO of the company is Eric Schmidt. The company was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page who are known as the “Google Guys”. In the beginning the company was registered as a private entity. In 2004 the company’s status changed from private to public concern. After the status of company changed Eric Schmidt, Sergey Brin and Larry Page signed an agreement to work together at Google for twenty five year. The agreement will expire in 2029. The aim of the company was to make information universally available in an organized manner. Since then they have been doing this job excellently. The company’s headquarter is located at Mountain View, California.
Apple is one of the biggest multinational companies in the United States of America formerly the company was known as Apple Computer, Inc. Apple designs computer software, personal computers and consumer electronic devices. Apple is best known for its manufacturing of hardware product line which includes Macintosh line of computers and the famous iPhone. Apple uses its own operating system which includes Mac OS X and iLife which is software for creativity. Apple own and operates more than three hundred stores located in ten different countries. In 2010 Apple was declared as the biggest and most valuable technology that superseded Microsoft Corporation.
In January of 2010 Google did a similar thing like Apple did. Google unveiled its new touch-screen phone called “Nexus” in a presentation at Mountain View, California. It was a success for eleven years old search engine monster. This phone runs on Google’s Android operating system. Nexus is sold through a retail website which is operated by Google. Its slogan is web meets phone. This slogan was simple and similar to that of Apple. (Milstein, D., and MacDonald, 25-28)When Apple introduced its first and the most hit iPhone its slogan was the internet in your pocket. Interestingly Apple also did a thing, which was similar to Google like thing. The chief operating officer of Apple Steve Jobs made a deal with Quattro and purchased it at a cost of United States dollars two hundred seventy five million. Quattro was an advertising company that revolutionized advertising by targeting mobile phone users. (Milstein, D., and MacDonald, 35-36)
When companies start to copy each other, it is usually because of war or flattery. Apple and Google are separated by just ten miles in Silicon Valley situated in Mountain View, California. The terms between Google and Apple are extremely good for more than a decade. Both the CEOs i.e. Eric Schmidt of Google and Steve Jobs of Apple have spent more than fifty four years in fighting against another...

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