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Comparison of: Shakspeare's Henry V play and Film - Henty VWhile I don’t think Henry V is known as being Shakespeare's finest historic play, it depicts Henry as the idealized Christian king. Earlier plays had shown Henry as the "madcap Prince Hal," a young lad who was constantly in the company of lower-class types and who was constantly in one sort of trouble or another. His earlier life ultimately becomes a preparation for his kingship, and his earlier knowledge of these low types allows him to understand his common subjects and to measure his own sense of worth by their lack of noble qualities.Each scene in Henry V is thoughtfully written, and portrayed in the film, to illustrate (and arguably exaggerate) some aspect of Henry V's character. Consequently, the scenes depict his religious nature, his mercy, compassion, his absolute sense of justice, his administrative skill, his fighting ability, his innate nobility, his ability to communicate with the common class of soldiers and people, and, in the final scene, his role as a romantic lover in his pursuit of Katharine's hand in marriage.In both the play and the film (Act I, Scene 2) we see Henry respond to the Dauphin’s insulting gesture (the tennis balls) with an evenness of temper, amazing self-control, and complete courtesy as excepts the challenge and promises to dazzle, which in fact he does!Henry’s sense of justice is evident when he has his 3 friends arrested and sentenced to death for high treason against the crown (Act II, Scene 2). He is faced with not only a political tragedy but a personal tragedy. But however much the tragedy is personal, he must transcend it, and for the sake of England, he must send the traitors, whom he has believed to be loyal friends to their deaths. The speech is very moving and bitter and in the film this scene is powerful as he displays his anger at their betrayal. When the men are taken away from the room, he turns his attention to the next matter at hand in the fashion of a mature king.Henry’s ability to communicate with his soldiers is probably most famously depicted in Into the Breach speech (Act III, Scene 1). Henry, surrounded by his troops, urges them on to one more supreme effort. This speech shows that he knows his men well; speaking plainly and to the point, he appeals to their manhood, their ancestry, and their love of England. In the film this speech is very effectively shortened to just the key points. In the dark of night, Henry is on horseback surrounded by his troops in the midst of the battle with the sound of horns in the background. His fighting ability is gallantly depicted in this scene and even more so in the battle at Agincourt.We see an example of Henry’s merciful side (Act III, Scene 3) when he is speaking to the Governor at the gates of Harfleur. We have the first significant surrender, and we see Henry as a victor for the first time. In this role, he is stern and undeviating in his demands that the Governor...

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