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When exploring the world of literature, an odyssey is often experienced by a character that ends up affecting him/her either mentally of physically. This school year, books ranged from various genres, but all were involved in some kind of odyssey. An odyssey (often confused by a journey) is much more eventful and Odysseus himself experiences it, including Elie Wiesel from Night and Riva Minska from The Cage. Odysseys are a type of epic goal that Odysseus experiences through his struggles on Calypso’s island, Ogygia along with Elie, who experiences this through his torturous times at concentration camps, and Riva experiences this through her struggle to survive during the Holocaust as well.
To begin, the definition of an odyssey is an expedition to reach a goal, but it is always extremely difficult because of the numerous amounts of obstacles that come in the way to avoid the character from being successful. It generally takes up the entire plot of the play, and ends with showing the character has changed as an individual somehow, from the situations the person was put into. When someone goes on an odyssey, this means they have left everything behind to accomplish one task, and it seems as though everything humanly tries to stop the person from reaching their destination. This definition of an odyssey separates it from other minor journeys because minor journeys typically last for a short period of time, and do not involve as deep of passion.
Firstly, Odysseus embarks on a journey while he is stranded with Calypso on an island. The majority of the story is about Odysseus and his effort to return home after the Trojan War. However, every time Odysseus tries, many obstacles come in the way in order to stop him from doing so. His goal is to reach his kingdom in Ithaca, but several dangerous situations come in the way that risk his trip. Odysseus encounters many experiences like meeting with people from the underworld, and sea monsters on their voyage. During one extreme storm at sea sent by Zeus, everyone is killed except for Odysseus who uses his cunning skills and strength by tying his parts of ship together, and floating on top of it for several days. Odysseus is known for these commendable qualities, and his experiences through the odyssey show how he changed as an individual. He became more understanding and responsible, and this is proven through his whimsical ideas to get him and crew out of the myriad of difficult obstacles. In addition, in the end he shows mental strength by staying alive, unlike the rest of his shipmates.
Secondly, Elie Wiesel is another character that has gone through an odyssey in his lifetime. Elie’s goal was to be freed from the Nazi’s control, and his obstacles were the Nazis themselves. If at any time Elie wished to run away, a Nazi would be ready with a gun to prevent any freedom. His journey does fit the definition of an odyssey because his epic journey has changed Elie mentally. In the beginning of...

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