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Comparison Of Pakistani And Chinese Social Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneurship&SME ManagementAssignmentComparison of Pakistani and Chinese Social EntrepreneurXie LihuaXie Lihau is one of the social entrepreneurs in China. She has been known for her tremendous efforts in the field of Community Development particularly in safeguarding the rights of women and giving them a status in society which women truly deserve. Education and gender awareness among rural women are her primary aims.She describes her mother's funeral in a very sad way saying "My young nephews were all in front of me. As a daughter, I was put back with the younger generation in the funeral procession. It was all men at the front, and according to custom they had to say a lot. The women were only allowed to cry, not to speak". At that point in time she decided that she had to do something for the welfare of women.She saw that women living in rural areas in China or the ones who have migrated from a village to another were faced with tough circumstances. In rural areas, despite laws guaranteeing women's equality, traditional practices and values still dominated. She saw that many of the poor families were reluctant to spend money on their children's particularly daughter's education. So she decided to help the rural women and ensure their survival and development.Xie Lihua was born in 1951 in Chanyi County, Shandong Province. In 1969, she served in the military before she began to move towards a career as a journalist and development worker. In 1985, she became editor and reporter for China Women's Daily and, eight years later, its deputy editor-in-chief. In the same year, she founded China's first magazine for rural women, Rural Women Know All. Currently Xie Lihua is the editor of Rural Woman magazine and Secretary General of the Development Center for Rural Women in Beijing.Profile:Rural Women MagazineHer major contribution towards the community were firstly the establishment of Rural Women in 1998, a magazine which focused entirely on the rural women and sought to bridge the communication gap between the urban and the rural. She wrote many articles but gathered no appreciation and was left unnoticed which was really disappointing for her, however she didn't lose hope and continued to work for the welfare of the distressed women. She has since established a number of initiatives to educate these women and countless others like them: a migrant women's club for city workers; a nonprofit school for rural women and girls, a domestic workers' support network, and a rural women's suicide prevention program. Through literacy training and education she is empowering women with the tools they need to improve their lives.Migrant Women's ClubAnother major contribution of Xie Liahu was incorporation of Migrant Women's Club. The Club was established April 7th, 1996, and describes itself as a meeting place for women from the rural areas who come to the city to work. This club aims to protect migrant women's civil and labor rights and improve their...

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