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Comparison Of Poetry Of A Different Culture

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Comparison of Poetry of a Different Culture

We live in a society where culture and identity are very important.
Culture is the distinctive practices and beliefs of a society. Culture
is all about where we live, our language, the food we eat, the clothes
we wear, the celebrations we celebrate and the things we value.

Many people who live in poorer countries move over to the bigger
cities were there are more jobs and money. Many people end up living
in a place they don't know.

In English we have studied five poems from another culture, which was
Jamaica. All the culture poems we studied were mostly about a man or
woman wanting to go back to Jamaica. We have to do our coursework on
this topic and the five poems I have chosen to look at are, 'Island
Man' by Grace Nichols, which is about a Caribbean man who has moved to
London, 'I Shall Return' by Claude McKay, which is about a man who
promises to return to Jamaica one day. 'An Old Jamaican woman thinks
about the Hereafter' by A.L Hendricks, which is about an old woman who
wonders what will happen when she dies. 'Song of a banana man' by Evan
Jones which is describing a man's day at work. The final poem I am
going to look at is 'The Lament of the banana man' by Evan Jones,
which was written by the same man who wrote 'Song of the banana man'
and it is about what would happen if someone left their native country
and moved to England.

I chose to do culture because I liked finding out what it was like for
people having to move from their country to somewhere completely

The first poem I am going to look at is 'Island Man' by Grace Nichols.
The poem is about a Caribbean man who has moved to London and in the
morning he wakes up to the sound of the sea in his head.

For a few seconds every morning he still thinks he is in the

The first word of the poem, 'morning' sets the scene for the rest of
the poem. The line, 'The island man wakes up to the sound of blue surf
in his head,' tells us the man imagines blue waves in his head. Right
from the start of the poem we learn that the poet's homeland is very
important to him.

The line, 'the steady breaking and wombing' is comforting, the word
'breaking' is a sea sound and the word 'wombing' is a surf sound.

The second stanza is like the Caribbean man is coming out of his
dream. The words 'Emerald Island' are a colour metaphor and he makes
it sound like the island is precious to him. Emeralds are precious
stones. The words 'groggily, groggily' are like an echo, reflecting
the sleepy mood of the island man.

In the third stanza we learn what London is like. The words 'grey
metallic soar' gave a strong impression of the traffic and the city
life. The line, 'North circular roar,' North circular is a road in
London and the Caribbean man lives near it. The...

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