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Comparison Of Porphyria's Lover And Let Me Not

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Comparison of Porphyria's Lover and Let Me Not

Porphyrias Lover and Let Me Not are my chosen poems. I chose these
poems because I took an instant liking to Porphyrias Lover and thought
that Let Me Not was an appropriate comparison with it. Porphyrias
Lover is a poem about an obsessive possessive man, in love with a girl
who cannot stay committed and has a fear of relationships, so he
murders her to be forever with her. Let Me Not, in my opinion, is more
personal and seems to have resulted from Shakespeare's own experience
with love. It is saying that love is something that gets in the way
and is forever- I.e. Marriage. I will analyse the two poems and then
compare them.

In Porphyrias Lover, he begins using tempestuous weather to set the
scene, and in lines 6- he makes it seem as if not all is well and
there is a sense of intrigue. Then in line 9- He talks as if she
brings light into his life, he tries to seduce her by ignoring her and
he obviously knows her very well if this works. Then in lines 20-25 he
says that she can't stay committed, has a fear of relationships and
wont see passion free. He suddenly begins to change, becomes more
possessive and insecure to the thought of loosing her, he tries to
reassure himself that she loves him like he loves her (line 33)
'Porphyria worshipped me…' He would like to think that she did.

Suddenly he murders her in line 39-41. By strangling her using her
hair- or by using her beauty to kill her. He then tries to say that
what he did was OK because he says in line 43 that he would feel stung
if he would lose her, so murder was the only solution. He gets even
more perverse in line 45 'Laughed the blue eyes without a stain..'
Imagining she isn't dead, living in his own fantasy.

Later on he is kind of 'playing with her' as he does the same things
with her as when she was alive- but this time she can't go away. And
then he tries to...

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