Comparison Of Project Operation Village Health And Project Tanzania

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Technologies have made it easier for advancements in health care and communication. However this advancement is not beneficial to everyone since some people live in a very remote place. Telemedicine provides a lot of benefits such as life-saving treatment in remote places, self-sustain healthcare, fast communication with the doctors, and don’t have to travel vast distance to get help. Project operation village health and project Tanzania can show a lot the benefit that telemedicine provide. This essay will compare the two projects and their benefits.
Cambodia is still a developing country with a lot of rural areas that are very remote: this is the same for Tanzania as well. A lot of those areas have tough terrain, huge jungle, and very dense wildlife. To add to the remoteness are small roads, wooden bridges, and little to no communication with the outside world. It’s very dangerous for the people living there. If they are sick or injure they can die easily since it the distance from there the place they live to the hospital is very far and if the patient manages to reach the hospital they might get more injuries from the trip itself. All this happens because their local health centers are not equipped with proper equipment and only having untrained doctors and nurses who only know the basics. Telemedicine can reduce all these risks and solve the problem of traveling vast distance to get help (Ackerman, 2007). It’s also help to save time which can is very crucial to saving people lives.
Cambodia and Tanzania have similar type of diseases and poor living standard worsens the condition. Both countries have a lot of forests so malaria, rabies, Hepatitis A and yellow fever are some of the common diseases out there. Cambodia has an extra disease that Tanzania doesn’t have which is the Japanese Encephalitis which is cause by mosquitoes. With poor living standards as to no clean water, dirty food, no vaccination the chance of getting infected is even higher. These diseases left alone for a long time can kill the person and might get other people infected too. With the recent telemedicine projects helping out and the patients’ satisfactory level; it seems that the risk of these diseases has been greatly reduced. Also people are healthier since clinicians at the other side of the world have been educating a lot about prevention of sicknesses and how to stay clean.

Telemedicine provides a lot of benefits for doctors of both countries. For Cambodia operation village health introduced a whole new experience to the...

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