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Comparison Of Sonnets 130 And 132

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Matthew Valiollahi March 13, 2002 English III Research Paper A Critical Analysis of Shakespearean Sonnets In sonnets 130 and 132 by William Shakespeare, they are both similar in the fact that they are both addressed to a beautiful lady but the themes of the lady are conveyed in very different ways. Shakespeare's sonnet 130 he says the lady is ugly but he still thinks she is beautiful in her own way. While in sonnet 132, Shakespeare brings a new life to the women to make the sonnet sound more impressive. Both these Shakespearean sonnets follow the same rhyme scheme. They both have a structure consisting of three quatrains, which are closed off with a rhyming couplet.In sonnet 130 Shakespeare has a different style in his sonnet, he shows this by completing a statement in one line instead of using a normal two or more lines for the first quatrain. Examples of these statements are in the first and second line of the sonnet, "My mistress'; eyes are nothing like the sun;" (Booth, 37) In this sentence Shakespeare seems to be mocking the girl by saying that the eyes of his mistress do not resemble the sun at all. He then goes on to say, "Coral is far more red than her lips red;" (Jones, 132) This sentence states a different feature of his mistress' qualities.Shakespeare continues to describe his mistress breasts and hair in the next two lines. The second quatrain starts with line five, in this quatrain, Shakespeare no longer writes with a complete statement in one line. He seems to relax, and develops his comparisons. This means that two lines are now used to make a unit of sense. Shakespeare has used the next two quatrains to describe her cheeks, breath, voice and walk.Then, in the Shakespearean sonnet 132, the first two quatrains seem to be about the same thoughts, "Thine eyes I love" (Senna, 118). The third quatrain is linked to the previous two quatrains as he is still trying to express how she should love him back with her heart. The ninth line of the sonnet seems to be an extended line of the second quatrain as it does not fit in with the last quatrain. This probably was because Shakespeare had not completed his descriptions of her two dark mourning eyes that are more glorious than the bright stars. This was the only unusual feature of Shakespeare's sonnet structure in this sonnet.Sonnet 130 shows that Shakespeare is taking an idealistic approach towards this sonnet. He shows that he truly loves his mistress, even though she does not have hair like golden wires and eyes like suns. He writes that his...

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