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Comparison Of Storm On The Island And The Prelude Essay

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Compare how the writer Presents ideas about nature in ‘Extract From, The Prelude’ and from one other poem

In the poem ‘Extract from the prelude’ and the poem I have chosen the two writers present nature in different ways. The poem I have chosen to compare with ‘Extract from the prelude’ is ‘Storm on the Island’. I decided to choose this poem by Seamus Heaney as I believe his thoughts of man’s relationship with nature compares in many different ways to with William Wordsworths’. The theme nature is a very universal theme which features in both similar ways, they explain how nature is powerful and has a far stronger force than man. However, they both use different language and both have a different approach towards the theme. Although the two poems were written in different centuries they both explore similar beliefs towards the theme.

‘The Prelude’ takes a peaceful, calm approach whereas ‘Storm on the island’ takes an isolated, hard approach. ‘I dipped my oars into the silent lake’, ‘went heaving through the water...

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