Comparison Of Switzerland And The Netherlands

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Have you ever stepped back and taken a look to see if two very different countries like Switzerland and the Netherlands have anything in common with each other? These two western European countries are different in many ways but they both are similar as well when you take a look at the bases of each country. Each country has its own weather patterns that lead to the understanding of how the people of these two countries live. The bases of these two countries that draw them close together are the many types of people who live there as well as the variety of languages spoken in each country. With so many minorities and various culture groups living in each country it makes a person wonder how the local people feel about living among those types of people. Questioning a persons feeling about their own country can at times be a touchy subject if there is a lot of tension with the various minorities living in the country, but at the same time it is a good way to help understand how things are in that country. Another aspect of these two countries is the type of lifestyles that the people have. Looking at these two European countries, considering they both have different historical backgrounds, each country has its own key word that states the environmental impact you get when you are there. One country being very liberal and the other being very strict about laws it is amazing to know that one of these countries is ranked as having the second most hand gun murders in the world. In the end a person can only wonder why a person would want to move to one of these two countries and stay there. Each country in itself has a long list of enchanted and adventurous activities do.When you think of the Netherlands you think of the fields of tulips and bright sunny days, but some people do not know the weather patterns in the Netherlands can change drastically. The Netherlands is a green country in the spring, which is when the tulips are at full bloom and in the summer, but in the winter it is a cold and dead looking country. The winters are long, damp, and cold with daily temperatures averaging from 30 to 40 degrees. A person can expect it to rain almost every day during the winter season. The world book states, "that the sky is frequently overcast in the winter, and fog often covers the land." The country hardly sees more than an inch of snow a year. The best time to go is mid May to early October when the day temperatures average around 70 to 80 degrees. This country does not have extreme variations in temperatures. The Netherlands has a marine west climate that is from the North Sea, which averages [about 25 to 30 inches of precipitation a year] (world book). The North Sea has hit the Netherlands with many large storms that have battered many of the dikes that run throughout the country. This is one country that has fought back the sea and dealt with weather patterns of large magnitude throughout its existence. The worst storm ever recorded was in 1953,...

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