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Comparison Of Text Essay

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Throughout history, there have been millions of books written. It is to no one’s surprise that some stories resemble another. Especially when both stories were written by the same author. This is the case with Romeo and Juliet and Midnights Summer Dream, both written by the ingenious William Shakespeare. Mr. Shakespeare had an interest in Mythology and its persons, so several of his stories involved a character from those mythical tales. Some similarities between the two texts include a pair of lovers that want to be together but can’t, a character from the mythical stories written by Homer, and a father’s willingness to disown or even kill his own daughter because she disobeyed him.
The first similarity between Romeo and Juliet and the incredible Midnights Summer Dream is young people wanting to be together because of love but can’t due to complications. In Romeo and Juliet, they can’t be together because their parents were mortal enemies of each other, even if it was for no reason. Another reason why Romeo and Juliet couldn’t be together was because Juliet was to be married to another man, shortly after her own marriage to the enticing Romeo. This presented not the issue that they couldn’t be together in marriage but in physical presence. She obviously couldn’t be seen in public with another man, especially her loathed enemy. In Midnights Summer Dream Hermia and Lysander can’t be together because Hermia’s father expressly forbid it, and he set her up with Demetrius, another man. Egeus, Hermia’s father in Act 1, Scene 1, Lines 26-29, “Stand forth, Demetrius. My noble lord, This man hath my consent to marry her. Stand forth, Lysander; and, my gracious duke, This man hath bewitched the bosom of my child.” Here Egeus is saying how he will permit Demetrius to marry Hermia, but she loves Lysander which he disproves of. Surely, the couples love is problem is wanting to be together but can’t because of issues.
Another comparison between Midnights Summer Dream and Romeo and Juliet is the usage of myth characters as either another character or a sub story seemingly untold by the original writers. Within Romeo and Juliet the mythical person presented is Paris, who serves the same purpose as the original written by Homer in The Troy Tale. The original Paris was a man who came between lovers and caused a big rivalry and ultimately caused his own death. The same goes for William Shakespeare’s Paris. He was used to come inbetween Romeo and Juliet and started a fight between Juliet’s man and himself, ending inevitably, with his own destruction. Midnights Summer Dream once more uses the characters but in a bit different way. Theseus, a great warrior, married the Queen of the Amazons, Hippolyta. In the story, it goes into more depth of their wedding but instead of being...

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