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Comparison Of Text Setting That Reflects Values And Attitudes

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Authors often use the setting as a way to express characters within the story. The setting can represent mood. An example of this is sadness. Sadness is often portrayed as dark days with rain or storms. Another example is happiness, such as sunshine on a nice summer day. Setting can also be used to show values and attitudes of the characters that occupy it. In The Old Man of the Temple and The Man to Send Rain Clouds, the setting illustrates the values of their individual culture and their attitudes under different circumstances.
One interrelation between the setting of The Man to Send Rain Clouds and Old Man of the Temple is the use of dark colors to show great confusion or sadness. When ...view middle of the document...

In The Man to Send Rain Clouds the general setting is very different. The setting is dry hot dessert area with few places of vegetation showing that the author grew up in a very different place and did very different things than the previous author. “The big cottonwood tree stood apart from a small grove of winter bare cottonwoods which grew in the wide, sandy arroyo.” This difference could be a major factor in the story and how it played out. Truly several variances played a huge role in the shaping and ultimate voice of the story.
Although both, The Old Man of the Temple and The Man to Send Rain Clouds have several similar and contrasting views on the use of setting, both authors use the setting as an influence of the characters mood. When both main characters do something out of the ordinary from their daily routines, it can be quite an adjustment; however, they handle it very well. The main characters both seem to remain impartial or even calm considering the circumstances that they were in. The people who had to bury Teofilo are in a dessert area in the middle of winter...

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