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Comparison Of "The Catbird Seat" And "The Lucid Eye In Silvertown."

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"The Catbird Seat" and "The Lucid Eye in Silver Town" may have different plots, one being of a devious plan while the other a story of innocence, but are similar in having two common characters, the characters of Mr. Martin and Uncle Quinn. People respect Mr. Martin and Uncle Quinn and they are in the highest regards of their position. Underlying this layer there is something more underhanded and dishonest. Mr. Martin removes those threatening his position on top while Uncle Quinn ignores the ones who love him to be on rich.Mr. Martin was the head of the filing department at F & S. He never drinks, smokes, or does anything bad; his boss and coworkers hold him as a valued employee in his office. It all goes well until an obnoxious woman by the name of Mrs. Ulgine Barrows arrives. Mrs. Barrows orders her co-workers around as if she has been there for years and annoys Mr. Martin with catchphrases like Are you sitting pretty in the catbird seat? "She had for almost two years now, baited him. In the halls, in the elevator, even in his own office, into which she romped now and then like a circus horse, she was constantly shouting these silly questions at him. 'Are you lifting the oxcart out of the ditch?' ..." (p 519).Mr. Martin felt threatened by this and decided he must rub her out as if correcting a mistake. He came into her flat one day and acted very unlike himself. He began smoking and drinking and said he was going to wipe out the boss. "Mr. Martin puffed, not too awkwardly, and took a gulp of the highball. ' I drink and smoke all the time,' he said. He clinked his glass against hers. "Here's nuts to that old windbag, Fitweiler,'... 'I am preparing a bomb,' said Mr. Martin, 'Which will blow the old goat higher than hell.' ... 'Do you take dope or something?' Mrs. Barrows asked coldly. 'Heroine," said Mr. Martin. 'I'll be cooked to the gills when I bump that old buzzard off.'" (p 522).Mrs. Barrows reports this, as it would be in her character to do so, to Fitweiler. He does not believe her because Mr. Martin is such a respected employee. Fitweiler discusses the situation with Mr. Martin and they decide she is out of her mind and Fitweiler dismisses her, thus finishing Mr. Martin's goals.Mr. Martin is just an illusion. He may seem like a well-mannered ordinary person, and in a sense he is, he does not drink or smoke and his life was his work but he is really a maniacal person. He could not stop thinking about how Mrs. Barrows annoyed him. During his spare moments, all he could think about was rubbing out Mrs. Barrows. He developed an intricate plan to the exact hour when there would not be many people coming in or going out of her flat.In Mr. Martin's eyes, he had to do this. He believed Mrs. Barrows was threatening his position and he could not have this happen. In fact, Mrs. Barrows actually was threatening his position but he only learns this after he executed his plan. "You may not know, Martin, but Mrs. Barrows had planned a...

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