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Comparison Of The Mechanical Properties Of Fresh And Cryopreserved Aortas

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Considering the results, one could conclude that freezing has an affect on the toughness properties of the samples. Although, the quantitative mechanical properties changes by freezing the samples, the qualitative behavior of the samples does not show any obvious changes in the toughness properties, which is a macro-mechanical property.\
This study has a number of limitation that has to be considered. First of all, although the fresh-tissue samples were collected and tested shortly after postmortem, the fresh-tissue samples were dead and their mechanical properties could be different in comparison to live tissue samples in the body. Moreover, the sharpness and thickness of blades, the ...view middle of the document...

It is found that during the warming phase of the samples as the temperature increases from $ - 150^{\circ}$C to $ - 100^{\circ}$C fracture occurs. The presence of fracture in the arteries are examined by naked eyes ~\citep{Pegg_1997}.\
The effect of freezing and thawing have been studied on carotid and femoral arteries of dogs in-vivo in a study by ~\cite{cooper_1971}. It is stated that these vessels can withstand freezing and thawing without rupture. However, it is shown that vessel walls subjected to freezing show histological changes consisting of a process of degeneration followed by a reparative process ~\citep{cooper_1971}.\
In a study by ~\citep{Pascual_2001}, the effect of different thawing procedure on cryopreserved minipig iliac artery are investigated. It is stated that the samples are more prone to fracture when stored at the low temperature ($ - 196^{\circ}$C) in comparison to the storage at temperature $ - 80^{\circ}$C ~\citep{Pascual_2001}. It is mentioned that the thawing protocol can facilitate the occurrence of fracture in case of low temperature storage; and, slow thawing can improve the preservation of the arteries. Thawing process for samples stored at temperature $ - 80^{\circ}$C does not seems to change the arterial structure significantly ~\citep{Pascual_2001}.\...

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