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Comparison Of Themes In "Mc Beth" By William Shakespeare And "The Last Safe Place On Earth" By Richard Peck

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The two stories, Macbeth, by William Shakespeare and The Last Safe Place on Earth, by Richard Peck are both excellent pieces of literature. Macbeth is a typical Shakespearian tragedy steeped with death, betrayal, heroes, and villains. In comparing these two novels, three distinct aspects are discovered. The first, the theme of appearances can be deceiving is seen in the character of Macbeth and Laurel Kellerman. The second comparison relates to the stubborn personality traits observed in the two novel's characters Macbeth and Laurel. The third comparison reveals the presence of evil in both Macbeth and Bobby Kellerman, Laurel's younger brother.Each of these stories have the common theme of 'appearances can be deceiving'. In Macbeth, deceiving appearances is one of the main themes and it is portrayed by Lady Macbeth's character. She seems to have two separate personalities. Her first personality is a kind, humble host. It is as if she wears a mask to conceal her true character from her unsuspecting guest, the King of Scotland, and his mercenaries. The second personality, her true personality is a malicious female with an insatiable need for power.In The Last Safe Place On Earth, the theme of appearances can be deceiving is seen more than once. The first is the town they live in. They live in a town called Walden Woods on a street called Tranquility Lane. Todd and his family assumed that with a name like that, their street must be the safest place on the earth. Their thoughts are deceived throughout the story when cars are stolen and damaged and when a girl at Todd's school was killed in a horrific car accident. The second example this theme regards Laurel, the family's babysitter. When Todd first meets Laurel he thinks she is the most perfect girl he ever met. She is good looking, funny and very smart. She is also a good companion to Marnie. This all changed when Marnie told Todd that Laurel was telling her stories of evil and how on Halloween witches steal little children and kill them because they work for the devil. The stories terrified Marnie and Laurel was kicked out of their house.Stubbornness is a character trait, which is present in both Macbeth and The Last Safe Place on Earth. In Macbeth, Macbeth's character is very stubborn. In the opening scenes of the play, Macbeth encounters three witches whom prophesize that he will eventually become king of Scotland. The witches convince Macbeth that they speak the truth and to gain the object of his ambition, he will hesitate at nothing. He sacrifices the...

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