Comparison Of Turkish And American Cultures From Business Perspective

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ABSTRACTPeople from different countries have different cultures. People from the same country also have different families and backgrounds. Therefore their behaviours, attitudes or values, are not the same. What are the reasons for this?Culture is a body of learned behaviours common to a society which has already developed within a community for a long time (from generation to generation). People have been influenced by their culture since they were born and that is why people (from different cultures) will have different opinion towards the same question or act. But in management, culture has a slightly different meaning. It can be explained as the set of policies, values, beliefs and attitudes learnt and shared by the organization's member. In this project, I am going to look at how different kinds of management cultures have an impact on Turkish versus American business transactions.TABLE OF CONTENTSABSTRACT11. INTRODUCTION22. COMPARISON OF TURKISH AND AMERICAN CULTURES FROM BUSINESS PERSPECTIVE32.1. American Culture32.2. Turkish Culture72.2.1. Culture In Business72.2.1.1. Greetings72.2.1.2. Appointments82.2.1.3. Business Dress82.2.1.4. Conversation and Titles92.2.1.5. Gifts92.2.1.6. Negotiation102.2.1.7. Entertainment112.2.1.8. Public Behaviors112.2.1.9. Business Card Etiquette122.2.1.10. Entrance into Turkey122.2.1.11. Women in Turkey132.3. Tense differences in English and Turkish in terms of past tense133. CONCLUSION13REFERENCES141. INTRODUCTIONIn the past, when people talked about international business, it only meant that they exported their products to other countries, like: exporting Irish whiskey, produced in Ireland to France where it was then sold. Nowadays, because of the development of free trade, many countries reduce their trade barriers in order to attract foreign companies in to invest to and drive their domestic economy. So now, whenever people think about international business, it is no longer only trading from one place to another - they are thinking in terms of globalisation! This means that as well as having investments, offices and businesses in their own countries, they also act similarly in different parts of the world.These multinational enterprises often have their headquarters at their home countries and all their other offices, which may include offices in the same country but not at headquarters and those located in other countries, need to report to them on a regular basis. Culture appears as a "side dish" to most managers irrespective of their ethnicity. Culture pervades and radiates meanings into every aspect of an enterprise (Baker, 2003).Because culture is so different form one person to another, and from one country to another, when an organisation decides to open an office in a foreign country, they need to decide how they are going to manage their employees over there. Should they use the local people or their own people to do the managing? They also need to consider what kind of policies they should...

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