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Comparison Of Two Newspaper Articles

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Comparison of Two Newspaper Articles

These two articles are about asylum seekers. Both articles agree that
there are too many asylum seekers, but are presented in a very
different way to each other. Article one is a shorter more aggressive
tract, not intended to make the reader think about the article but
just to instantly agree with it. Article two however stands back and
looks at the problem, why it has arisen and suggests ways that there
can be resolutions. Both papers also criticise the government for
being too lenient, and for not taking any action. Both identify David
Blunkett, naming the government's minister responsible for this area
of policy, an important factual ingredient. The two newspapers also
criticise the bogus asylum seekers who come here to live off handouts
from the state and not even try to get a job.

The styles of argument used by the two writers are completely
different. Article one is written to get through to some of the less
intellectual people who will most probably take the writer's side
before looking at arguments. Article two is directed towards a more
open minded individual who would rather be reasonable and look at the
problems involved before drawing conclusions and making up his mind
where he stands. We can see this very easily by comparing two small
statements. In article one, the writer calls people who defend all
asylum seekers 'politically correct buffoons', implying that these
people do not know anything and are stupid. The writer of article two,
however takes a less aggressive approach and describes these people as
'liberally minded folk who have probably never had experience of
asylum seekers' this is far less one sided while still getting the
same message across to the reader, that being that people who defend
asylum seekers have not seen both sides of the argument. These people
are the opposite to the writer of article one who also has not seen
both sides of the argument.

The writer of article one relies on strong and emotive language to get
her point across and to get people to see her point of view. She also
tries to win a 'sympathy vote' by starting to blame the asylum seekers
for our second rate education system, long waiting lists for
operations, people dying on hospital trolleys in corridors and the
inadequacies of our social services system. In a way the author is
right but for the wrong reason, 'that there are so many of them'. She
also tries to make the reader feel a bit hard done to by the
government by commenting on how in Leeds the asylum seekers have got
their own mobile health clinic when normal British people 'can't get
to see a G.P for love nor money', in actual fact this is because the
G.P's won't take them on because they don't speak English and that
they have too many patients as it is. The real reason for the lack...

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