Comparison Of Two Social Media Campaigns

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Social media campaigns by two different alcohol companies will be analyzed in this report. A comparison would follow after a detailed analysis of the companies’ uses of social media.

“Transform Today” is a campaign launched by Absolut Vodka in August 2013. The alcohol company teamed up with artists from all over the world and interacted with consumers via social media. One of the main strategies used in the campaign was ‘#NextFrame”, a collaboration between consumers and graphic artist Rafael Grampa via social media to create a crowd-sourced animation project. According to ____, “To build strong brands, you need to have a higher purpose” (__) - this is why Absolut Vodka had come up with such an elaborate campaign, seeking to “connect with the creative spirit in everyone and to inspire artistic transformation around the world.”. (__)

It is clear that from the organization’s use of social media, its goal is to inspire users to create art. However, its business goal is not clear. Through the promotion of the arts, it does not blatantly include its products in the campaign - however, it seeks to foster closer relationships with its consumers, increase brand loyalty, and thus increase profits. “#NextFrame” is an action strategy that is part of the Transform Today campaign. It was designed to reach the objective of inspiring audiences to think about their own creative potential by giving an opportunity to act on the messages of the campaign by collaborating with one of the artists. (___) As for the tactics, the organization utilized FaceBook as the main medium - every week, a FaceBook photo album of an “episode” was released, consisting of a brief storyboard of the animated film. FaceBook users were invited to submit plot decision ideas in the form of images or text. The artist chose an idea each week, which would be included in the to-be-released film. Furthermore, numerous YouTube videos were uploaded promoting the launch of the project, and regular updates could be found on Instagram, stemming from both Absolut’s account and Rafael Grampa’s personal account.

There was no geographic segmentation done, simply because the organization wanted to reach out to consumers from all over the world to participate in the project. Demographically, the organization was reaching out to consumers of the age of 21 and above. Since they were trying to inspire everyone and anyone to make art, there were no demographic boundaries set (other than the age limits for alcohol). Marketers of Absolut Vodka could have been targeting creative consumers faced with the lack of chance to showcase their creativity. Furthermore, the organization is aware that consumers are eager to interact with brands, thus it taps on that psychological attitude, and creates a strategy that addresses just that. Through benefit segmentation, the organization targets consumers who want to earn rewards. The reward of getting to see the collaborated animation is gratifying for many, especially for...

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