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Corruption of MoneyThrough the course of the centuries, money and high social class have influenced people toward doing wrong. In the tragedy Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, Romeo, of high social class and wealth, uses his money to help him commit suicide. In The Count of Monte Cristo, Alexandre Dumas shows the reader that death, by suicide the wealthy resort to. In modern day, psychologists discovered that people who have more money are more likely to use their wealth to lie, cheat or steal. Corruption of money, as evidenced in Romeo and Juliet in the 16th Century, again in The Count of Monte Cristo in the 19th Century, as well in the 21st Century, drives the force that influences people. The poor want to get rich at any cost; the rich want to get richer while keeping the poor man down.In the Tragedy Romeo and Juliet, Romeo, coming from a rich household, shows the corruption of money in his life as he uses money to buy whatever he needs, taking advantage of the poor. "The world affords no law to make thee rich; / Then be not poor, but break it and take this" (5.1.73-74). Romeo is trying to convince the Apothecary to sell him poison because he can make the Apothecary rich. He is using his wealth and influence by buying poison with it. His money is corrupting himself by bribing someone with it. Without money, Romeo would not have gotten the poison.There is thy gold-worse poison to men's souls,Doing more murder in this loathsome world,Than these poor compounds that thou mayst sell.I sell thee poison; thou hast sold me none. (5.1. 80-84)Romeo is paying the Apothecary for the poison he has given him. The Apothecary is being reassured by Romeo that he has the real poison, money. Romeo is saying that he has received no poison, but given poison (money). He shows that he understands how corrupted money is, in this situation. Overall, because Romeo and Juliet are rich, it is easier for them to use their money to influence others. When Romeo buys poison from the Apothecary he shows the emphasis on how the money is the real poison, causing evil and wrong doing by the rich and the poor. Those who have money use it wrong, and those who seek it, can lie, cheat, or steal to get it. Given time and years to learn from mistakes, instead of doing so, the rich continue to get richer and the poor get more desperate.The rich in The Count of Monte Cristo are no different. Either they are covering their grief with money, or angry that there is not enough to go around. All the while they forget what is actuality important. "Still, my dear Baron," said Monte Cristo, "such family griefs, which would crush a poor man whose child was his only fortune, are endurable to a millionaire" (Dumas 450). By demonstrating that grief is eased with money, Dumas alludes to how shallow and uncaring the rich must be. Monte Cristo feels that if a poor family has but their child, they cannot possibly have anything left in the event of their death. "Oh, Grandpapa! I see now that it...

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