Comparison: Saccharin, Aspartame, Sucralose, Sodium Cyclamate

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Sugar is is a spice that makes things you eat sweet. There are many of them that do different things and have different standards of sweetness. Some are so sweet that they make you gain weight. And some are so thick they take two days just to fully leave your mouth these are four of these sugars. Saccharine,Aspartame,Sucralose,and Sodium Cyclamate.
Saccharin is an artificial sweetener. The basic substance, benzoic sulfilimine,has effectively no food energy and is much sweeter than sucrose,but has a bitter or metallic after taste especially at high concentrations. It is used to sweeten products such as drinks,candies,cookies,medicine,gum,and tooth paste. It gets its name from the word saccharine meaning of,relating to,or resembling sugar. When heated this substance is unstable but does not react chemically with other food ingredients as such it stores well. It is often used together with aspartame in diet carbonated soft drinks. And its properties consist of a white powder. And is also one of the most studied food ingredients.
This sugar was discovered in 1879 by constantine Fahlberg,while working in the laboratory of Ira Remsen,quite by accident as were most other sweeteners. While working in the lab he spilled a chemical on his hand. Later while eating dinner Fahlberg noticed a more sweetness in the bread he was eating.He traced the the sweetness back to the chemical later named saccharine,by tasting various residues on his hands and clothes (unsanitary conditions) and finally chemicals in a lab (not a safe lab practice). By 1907 saccharine was used as a replacement or substitute for sugar in foods for diabetics.Since it is not metabolized in the body for energy saccharine is classified as an noncaloric sweetener.By the 1960’s it was used on a massive scale in the diet soft drink industry. Some benefits to using this sugar are its only a sugar substitute and not direct sugar so people who can't have sugar can still eat sweet things. And you don't gain any calories if you use it as a sugar substitute.Another benefit is that it doesn't take up any energy from your body. Saccharin is the foundation for many low calorie and sugar free products around the world. It is used in table top sweeteners,baked goods,jams,chewing gum,canned fruit,candy,dessert toppings,and most salad dressings. Although the overall evidence indicates that saccharine is safe for human consumption there has been controversy of its safety in the past. The basis for this controversy rests primarily on findings of bladder tumors in some male rats that were fed high doses of sodium saccharine. Extensive research on human populations has established no association between saccharine and cancer.In fact 30 human studies have been compleated and support saccharine’s saftey at human levels of consumption. The chemical formula for saccharine is C7H5N03S. The American cancer association says that it should be banned since the tests with humans aren't so forthcoming.And the...

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