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Comparison Shakespears Plays: King Lear Vs. Hamlet

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William Shakespeare is probably the greatest dramatist of England. I think everyone has read one of his great plays or at least has seen one of the movies which are based on Shakespeare's work. In this essay I will compare two of his tragedies 'Hamlet, Prince of Denmark' and 'Tragedy of King Lear'.King Lear is perhaps Shakespeare's most psychologically dark tragedy. The naive and pitiable Lear with his children, Goneril, Regan and Cordelia present all that is right and wrong with a father's relationship with his children. Lear is used to enjoying absolute power and to being flattered and he does not respond well being disagreed with and challenged. He wants to be treated as a king and to enjoy the title but he doesn't want to fulfill king's obligations of governing for the good of his subjects. At the beginning of the play his values are notably hollow; he prioritizes the appearance of love over actual devotion. Nevertheless, he inspires loyalty in subjects such as Gloucester, Kent, Cordelia, and Edgar, all of whom risk their lives for him. The tragedy illustrates the complete chaos which reigns in a state not governed by a strong ruler. Shakespeare constructed King Lear on an old folk story which exists in many countries and versions for example our version 'Gold over salt' which has same plot but ending of a fairy tale.Hamlet is one of Shakespeare's most popular works. This is the tragedy of suffering and hesitation of an honest man who is not able to kill or punish without having a clear proof of guilt.Both of these books are tragedies, in both books there is quarrel going on within the royal family and in both the quarrel is between the children and their parents or relatives. Hamlet is looking for the revenge on his uncle for killing Hamlet's father and he has to plan his murder. He is also upset with his mother who married the murderer of king Hamlet; he is very disappointed by her behavior.In King Lear there are two quarrels between him and his daughters. The first one is between Cordelia and the King. When he asks his three daughters how much they love him two older daughters say that they love him above all, though it was not true but the youngest daughter, Cordelia, who is at the age in which a woman is about to marry, says she would give half of her love to her father and half to her future husband. He punishes her by giving her no property and banishes her out of his kingdom. The second quarrel is between two older daughters both of them want the kingdom and also get rid of Lear. After he gave them everything Goneril and Regan banished him. He is left in a cruel storm and he loses his wit: "Is a man no more than this? Consider him well. Thou ouwest the worm no silk, the beast no hide, the sheep no wool, the cat no perfume." [Act III, scene II]The quarrels in both tragedies seem at one and same time. Fighting between members of the families is always sad but it is different in the sense that Hamlet has to kill his uncle and Lear has to...

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