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In the Egyptian era there were many art forms that were done and sculpted. Seated Scribe is one of these Egyptians sculptures. It was done in 2400 B.C.E and was done in limestone by subtractive sculpting. The colors that are used in this sculpture are very plain and bland. You can notice that the color is wearing away at the sculpture because there are blotches where the paint has started to chip away. The sculpture is physically accurate of a middle-aged man because you can see the definition of the extra fat on his body and you can tell that he has some intelligence because of the way that he is presenting himself and that he is ready to write. The man is sitting on a square piece of stone and it seems as though he is about to jot a few notes down or write a letter. You can see that he is holding something that looks like a writing pad of some sort and you see his writing utensil in his left hand. The actual pose of the man is very stiff, very perfect. The Man is sitting with good posture and he does not let his back slouch one bit. It seems to be an uncomfortable position for the man.The artist wants us to see that the man in the pose is beginning to write a story about what he is observing. The man is sitting outside on a rather warm day and he is observing the Pharaoh and how he is treating his people. The man is about to take some notes so that his mind will not draw a blank when he goes to writing the actual story about the Pharaoh. The man is very intelligent and very wise. People come to him when they need advice or answers to a problem. He is trusted by all because he is the writer that the Pharaoh trusts. The man is also admired by all because he is one of the few who can read and write. Many people did not have this type of advantage during these times.A more modern sculpture was done in 440 B.C.E by a Greek sculptor and it is entitled the Doryphorus Spear Bearer. The sculpture was also done with subtractive sculpting done in stone. The sculptor uses a naked man figure and makes his body look perfect. The figure is sculpted into a fine S-curve of the body. The man’s left knee is bent which puts the weight on his right foot. This makes his left hip and shoulder rise to form this S-curve. The man is looking to the right off into the distance like he is in deep thought. His body is exaggerated because there are hardly any men that have the perfect body like this man does. There is no fat that is noticeable because he is pure muscle. You can see every definition of is body. You see every line of his muscle definition and every line of his body parts. The sculptor made this man look very life like. On his left hand you see that he must have been holding something at one time, but because the sculpture was lost at one time, the object that he was holding was lost somewhere over time. The title of the piece leads us to believe that the object he was hold is a spear.This guy seems to be an egotistical man. He knows that all the women...

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