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The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer and the LA Times article “Militants take another Ukraine city; EU adds to Russia blacklist” by Henry Chu and Carol J. Williams contain similar aspects and themes that demonstrate the harsh realities of not only fictional life in novels, stories, and books of clones and other characters, but in our current lives, living in this modern society as well. The House of the Scorpion demonstrates the struggles and hardships that Matteo Alacran has to go through and face every single day of his life due to the reality of being a clone of a drug lord named El Patron. As the story progresses, the more dangerous his life seems to become. In the LA Times ...view middle of the document...

This other quote comes from the article saying, “Impunity for assailants of journalists and broadcasters is escalating the tensions and contributing to the deterioration of the security situation…” (page 1). Two Ukrainian journalists and a group of foreign observers were kidnapped and held captive by the separatists. This symbolizes a very dystopian society in where no one is safe from the attacks that Putin’s controlled army are initiating. This last quote is from Dunja Mijatovic and he mentions, “I am dismayed by the lack of response by the law enforcement authorities to these attacks. Rule of law must be reintroduced in Ukraine” (page 1). He addresses the issue that although the Ukraine government has these law enforcement authorities, they are not really using this to stop the chaos that is happening in Ukraine. Nonetheless, Ukraine is evolving into a society that has similar awful and inhumane characteristics of that of Opium in The House of the Scorpion.
Opium is a prime example of what it means to live in a very feared society. Matteo Alacran, in Farmer’s novel, The House of the Scorpion, is the protagonist and faces constant danger and obstacles throughout his own life. Although he is the clone of a very dangerous person named El Patron, a drug lord who created Opium, and has good relations with him, Matt soons realize that he was just made and brought to the world to simply be a donor for organs. Later on in the story, when El Patron gets terribly ill due to a failing heart, Matt is hunted down for his healthy heart. Thanks to Celia and her gently poisoning of Matt’s heart, they weren’t able to have a heart transplant or else the poison will just kill El Patron. Matt managed to escape Opium and head on to Aztlan to be safe. This alone shows how powerful El Patron really was and how many of the people who lived in Opium whether it was the eejits, a person or animal with an implant on its head, the prisoners he took from people crossing the border, or the clones that were produced, were fearful of him. One example that shows how afraid many individuals were to El Patron’s rule was in El Patron’s birthday party. Everyone had to be nice to Matt due to his close connection with El Patron. This is show through this quote, “It was the one time when Matt could ask for anything he wanted. He could force the Alacráns to pay attention to him. He could make Steven and Tom—yes, Tom!—be polite to him in front of their friends. No one dared to make El Patrón angry, and therefore no one dared to ignore Matt” (Farmer, 140). As shown through this quote, no one dared to make El Patron angry because bad things happen. Many of the people in the Big House had to respect Matt, even if he was just a clone. Many of these people acted accordingly to the mood of El Patron. Although El Patron was a very dangerous man, the people who lived in the society he created were actually former terrorists who have done various crimes like murder. Most of...

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