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Compartment Car By Hayley Walker This Piece Of Text Is Based On The Picture "Compartment Car" By Edward Hopper. I Used His Picture To Depict A Story Of The Girl In The Compartment.

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Compartment carAn empty compartment car seems to be the loneliest place of all. The continuous pounding and rattling, pulsing throughout the train which traps the unforgettable thoughts inside your head. Memories, regrets and doubts, circling round and round.As the sun slowly melts into the hills, from whence it came, my returning journey seems never ending. I look into my book and try to apply myself, but not one thing works. All I can think about is where I'm leaving and where I'm going. I left the small town of Beaumont twenty-one minutes ago. A small town where you can hear the trickle of a river slowly creep down the hill or smell the fresh cut grass early in the morning as you awaken. Where peace is known as life and life is known as happiness. It's small town of about thirty five inhabitants, with one church, one public house, one local store and plenty of home businesses.I did not stay for long, two weeks and I was gone. But I would be blessed if those two weeks were the entirety of my life. I was first sent there to meet John; six foot two, dark brown hair and my brother. This was new information to me at that time and to his knowledge I didn't exist. My journey there was very much alike my journey right now; an empty compartment with many questions floating round my mind. Will I like him? Will he like me? What is going to happen and what am I going to do? The truth was I had no idea, but I was not expecting things to turn out how they did, ever.I stepped out of the compartment as a cool, gentle breeze hits my face and somehow calms me. I take a deep breath and continue. Step by step I make it along the desolated, green parks and I do not feel anxious or doubtful at all. I guess the town brought out the best in me. Each step I took, the more I felt at home but as soon as I got to my brothers doorstep I felt like I was at square one again. I took a deep breath of the sugar sweet air and knocked, three times."Hello? Can I help?" A tall blonde woman with tight ringlets at the end of hair answered inquisitively. "Look, if you're a saleswoman…" she obviously noticed my suitcase. "I'm not. I'm here to see John, John Major? Does he live here?" I feel my fist clench...

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