Compassionate Use Programs And The Ethical Obligations Of The Biotech Industry

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The Biotechnology Industry Organization, a trade group which represents the biopharmaceutical sector, has directed its members to consider granting compassionate use access to experimental medications calling it a part of a company's larger ethical obligation to society. Under current FDA regulations, biotech companies must obtain approval from the FDA for their experimental drug before beginning a clinical trial. Biotech companies are then supposed to tightly limit who comes into contact with the drug. But over the last two decades, the FDA has allowed biotech companies to expand access to its experimental drugs through “compassionate use” exemptions. The intent of these programs is to ...view middle of the document...

Regulators, too, are wary of the program. "There's this sense from patients that these are miracle drugs," said Richard Klein, director of the FDA's Office of Special Health Issues (Dooren, 2012). Many times this isn’t the case. For drugs that are in early-stage clinical trials, the benefit might not amount to much. And worse, the drug may actually hasten a patient's death. Almost by definition, patients eligible for compassionate use programs are in danger of dying.
In March 2014, Chimerix, a biotech company headquartered in Durham, NC, was the subject of an intense lobbying campaign by the family and friends of Josh Hardy. Josh, age 7, has beaten cancer four times and even underwent a bone marrow transplant, but the latest round of treatment resulted in Josh developing a drug-resistant bacterial infection that has left him fighting for his life. Josh’s physicians at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital reached out to Chimerix seeking access to the company's experimental drug, brincidofovir. The company denied the doctors request explaining that “spending time to help Josh and others like him will slow down their efforts to get this drug to market” (Cohen, 2014). While the company’s CEO said he would feel awful if Josh died, the company was not willing to jeopardize the results of the clinical trial, which could potentially benefit thousands, to save Josh’s life. In response, Josh’s family and friends took to social media even creating its own hashtag #savejosh. One tweeter warned the company, “Everyone is watching” (Cohen, 2014). Chimerix executives say they’ve even received physical threats. One month after refusing access to its experimental drug, Chimerix yielded to mounting pressure and agreed to provide brincidofovir to Josh Hardy as the first patient in a new open-label study in patients with adenovirus infections. In a press release published on its company website, Chimerix thanked the FDA for helping to expedite the approval process and thanked the Hardy family for bringing “public attention to the often-devastating impacts of adenovirus infections” (Chimerix, 2014).
"These cases are always difficult and painful for everyone involved –the patients, their families, and the companies working to find cures and gain FDA approval of their...

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