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The National Labor Relations ActIntroduction. The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) passed during the great depression in 1935 is alsoKnown as the "Wagner Act." It was designed to protect employees' rights to form and joinUnions and to engage in activities such as strikes, picketing, and collective bargaining. WagnerAct was what really created the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) which is anIndependent federal agency charged with administering U.S. labor laws. I chose to write aboutThis law because in aspects it actually deals with unfair treatments guarded by unions to ensureEmployees are treated fairly when it comes to their pay wage, benefits and compensation.Historically, the wage rate has been the main issue in collective bargaining. However, unionsAlso negotiate other pay-related issues, including time off pay, income security (for those inIndustries with periodic layoffs), cost of living adjustments, and benefits like health care.The 1935 Act created the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to oversee employer practicesAnd ensure employees receive their rights. Its rulings underscore the need to involve unionOfficials I developing the compensation package. For example, employers must give the union aWritten explanation of the employer's "wage Curves" which is the graph that relates job to payRate. The union is also entitled to know the salary of each employee it is representing.The National Labor Relations Act "Wagner Act" of 1935 deemed statutory wrongs but notCrimes. There are five unfair labor practices used by employers, and they are: It is unfair for employers to "interfere with restrain or coerce employees in exercising theirLegally sanctioned right of self-organization.It is unfair practice for company representatives to dominate or interfere with either theForming or the administration of labor unions. Among other management actions found toBe unfair under practices bribing employees, using company spy systems, moving a businessTo avoid unionization and blacklisting.Employers are prohibited from discriminating in any way against employees for their legalUnion activities.Employers are forbidden to discharge or discriminate against employees simply because theLatter file unfair practice charges against the company.Finally, It is unfair labor practice for employers to refuse to bargain collectively with theirEmployees duly chosen representatives.Local unions generally are represented by national or international organizations and usuallyConsist of members having a particular skill or occupation. Members engage in organizing,Collective bargaining, and contract administration with businesses and governmentOrganizations.Unionizing in an organization is often associated with generous compensation, increased benefitsAnd higher productivity of which often leads to higher employee morale and may be goodAdvantage for employees. In contrast, unions may reduce a business's flexibility andEconomic performance, which is vital in today's...

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