Compensation Plan For A New Business

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C-Side Resort

Team C

Team Project in Compensation

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 1

Company background and theme 2

Total Compensation Needs 3

HR mission statement, employee retention and employee hiring 3

Job Descriptions 4

Organizational Chart 14

Point Method System 14

Job Ranks within Organization 16

Market Data 17

Pay Structure and Ranges 21

Performance Evaluation 22

Exhibit 1: Performance Evaluation 24

Exhibit 2: Merit Pay Grid 25

Executive Summary

Company Background and Theme

Name: C Side Resort

Company Goal: The goal of C Side Resort is to achieve accolades from all who know us by ensuring top level quality, service, action, and appreciation.� As a company profits are expected, however we should strive for the ultimate customer service experience as the profits will take care of itself.

Values: At C Side Resort we believe that the customer is our top priority and will strive to ensure a quality stay at our resort.

Culture: Employees and management of C Side Resort will be expected to be able to carry out duties pertaining to their positions.� Additionally, employees would have to uphold values and actions that endorse a culture that believes in energy, integrity, productivity, teamwork, leadership, and accountability.

Location: C Side Resort is located on Florida's West coast in the town of Longboat Key.

Staffing plan: (81 employees), within the plan what type of positions will we need as an organization

-Managers needed: Spa-3


Golf Course-3


-Hourly workers needed: Spa-11


Golf Course-15


-Spa will have hair stylists, massage therapists, nail techs

-Restaurant will have cooks, wait staff, dish washers, and hosts

-Golf Course will have maintenance employees, caddies, and golf pro

-Hotel will have bell hops, reception staff, and cleaning staff

Total Compensation needs

Just to put more input into the total compensation portion we believe that C Side Resort needs to cover everything from salaries to benefits.

We should make guidelines to where administrators make a certain amount salary and non-administrative positions get paid hourly and qualify for OT when needed. Each employee should be eligible for medical, dental, and vision benefits after 90 days of consecutive employment. The company should pay a good amount into the benefits in order to alleviate the burden on the employee for the benefit.

Another idea would be to allow employees the opportunity to enroll in a 401K program that our company could set-up with a financial group such as Principal Financial Group. All employees should be eligible for a week's sick time and two week's vacation every calendar year following their...

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