Competition Or Competence? Essay

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Can you gain more success through competition or competence? What is the difference? Competition is defined as “Having or displaying a strong desire to be more successful than others” (Oxford Dictionary of English) and in another place “A contest for some prize, honor, or advantage” ( Competence, on the other hand, is defined as “Having the necessary ability, knowledge, or skill to do something successfully: efficient and capable” (ODE) In other words, competition is when you use a challenge to better yourself and your skills in order to succeed where as competence is where you already have the skills and knowledge needed to be successful. I believe that competition is better ...view middle of the document...

Another, less extreme example of this is in my girl’s lacrosse team. We have small competitions and relays to improve our technique in stick skills and running. Although there is never any real prize for these, there is a sort of satisfaction that is gained when you are better at something than someone else. Also, if you don’t win, then there is a sense of pride you have for your teammate that you have been working with (who will often give you tips as well) and gives you something to work toward because there will probably be another chance to do better in the future. Both of these not only help build individual strength, but a strength and synchronization among the teams to achieve success together.
Competitive people ultimately challenge themselves to increase or improve the skills necessary for their success. The people that are motivated to constantly challenge and stretch themselves usually exceed because they stand out, especially in area of academics. It takes a lot of maturity to be able to compete against yourself, and it is seen by the people around you. By challenging yourself, you only have yourself to depend on and you don’t need to have other people around you to compete with, and the challenge never stops even after you have achieved sufficient mastery....

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