Competitive Advantages And Life Cycle Of Apple Research Paper

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With the expanding of economic globalization, a significant change that has occurred across the world in recent years is the rapid growing of economy integration and the increasing interdependence of national, regional and local politics. In the past, Multinational trade and cooperation were a quiet rare occurrence, whereas in these years it has become quite commonplace due to the increase in communication between countries. This change is borne out clearly as the consequence of the emergence of a large number of well-known multinational trade companies, such as Microsoft, Samsung and Apple. In this essay, Apple which is the typical multinational trade company will be analyzed and focused on 3 aspects by firstly specifying a distinct product of Apple and then analyzing the stage of a product cycle that Apple is currently operating, as well as identifying some competitive advantages Apple have. Secondly, analyzing the type of the market structure in which Apple operates and listing some potential barriers to entry. Lastly, i will analyze a pricing strategy on the chosen product. Besides, I will identify whether Apple use any price discrimination methods and recommend some possible potential modifications of their pricing strategy to maximum the product profit.

As it’s known that Apple is a multinational company and its consumer electronics products are one of the best-known and used widely products in the world, for instance, iPhone, Mac and iPod. In this essay, the consumer electronics product iPhone will be the chosen product that is focused on. According to Patty(2012), every new product will go through four stages in the whole product life from introduction, growth, maturity to decline. Company will begin with the the ‘introduction’ stage by starting to build the awareness of new product and develop the market of new product. During this stage, the market size of product is relatively small and costs are pretty high as a result of quiet small scale of production. Moreover, Andri(2017) also mentioned that the company usually doesn’t take any international activities in this stage. Then, company will have ‘growth’. With the benefit from economies of scale in production, the costs can be reduced which results in a significantly growth in sales. This is followed by ‘maturity stage’, the product can be well established and widely accepted. Johan, Erik and Mats(2009) figured that company may get the peak of the sales of product, whereas the growth rate of product will decline during this stage. Furthermore, Patty(2014) also mentioned that as a lot of similar products appearing and competitors entering the market, the competition increases. And this stage is probably the most competitive period. After that, as consumer changing, the sales will begin to decline. And this is the final stage of product life cycle. Therefore, iPhone also has four stage of its life cycle. And now it seems to go through almost half stage of its product life...

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