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Benchmarking is generally understood to perform the organizational function of innovation via vicarious organizational learning (Ammons, Coe, and Behn, 2001). The standard for comparison may be competitors within the organization, but is often found in unrelated business segments. In this report we will examine how Macon Adult Day Care, Health South and Merck organizations faced with similar issues. It moves across organizations seeking to identify the winning strategies that have enabled high-performing organizations to be successful in their marketplace.

Nonprofit organizations are increasingly preparing, designing and applying developmental strategies with their number growing in most developing economies (Shah, 2005). As we see in this report, NPO's strive and operate on certain environmental factors and face special challenges.

The strengths of Macon Adult Day Care is its establishment in the community, offer nursing care, occupational therapy, physical, therapy, home aid service. The location of Macon Adult Day Care is ideal and it is on a bus route, easy on and off interstate highway access allows for it to be easily found and recognized by clients and the community as a whole. Trust is a psychological state comprising the intention to accept vulnerability based upon positive expectations of the intent or behavior of another person. (McShane & Von-Glinow, 2005). The executive management of Macon Adult Day Care will do everything imaginable to regain not only to gain trust of the public, but the Organization's own employees, as well.

Organizational commitment refers to the employee's emotional attachment to, identification with, and involvement in a particular organization."(McShane & Von-Glinow, 2005). Macon Adult Day Care altruistic goal of operating seven days per week from 6:OO A.M. in the morning to 8:00 P.M with the possibility of future operating hours during holidays if the demand is high for those periods. In addition, to the facility hours a livery service will be available during operating hours which will be used to pick-up and drop-off clients, take clients to appointments at doctors offices and local hospitals if need arises.

When looking at Macon Adult Day Care there are some learning pearls that could be obtained from Health South regarding the development of trust. The new leadership of Health South has held numerous Town Hall meetings with company employees across the nation in its hospitals. By using Town Hall meetings that encouraged open questioned, and answered by the CEO himself there is a good chance that employees' trust is going to increase. The executive director of Macon Adult Day Care might consider initiating the possibility of Town Hall meeting with its employees. It sounds that if there were some reassurances that the Macon Adult Day Care's mission statement would not drastically change, that there could be stronger...

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