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Competitive Analysis Of Leela Hotel

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IILM Institute For Business & ManagementCompetitive Analysis on Leela Ventures LtdModule Name: Competitive AnalysisName of Module Leader: Ms. Anjali MalikName of Associate Faculty: Ms Urvashi NandrajogWord Count: 3500Presented By:1. Avantika Paracer2. Anjali Jain3. Dipam Das4. Jyoti Solanki5. Mayank Kastiya6. Shruti Verma

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Executive Summary







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Human Resources




Critical Success Factors


Porter Generic Model


Bowman Strategic Clock


Ansoff Matrix


SWOT Analysis




Implementation Plan & Conclusion





Executive Summary:This is a Competitive Analysis Report, which attempts to investigate the corporate and business strategies of Leela Hotels and Resorts which is a successful Hospitality chain. It would also evaluate the growth and implementation strategies which provide a strong foundation to the business of this organization.The report will be developed on the basis of analysis of a dynamic competitive environment in which major key players of the Indian hospitality industry operate. This analysis provides a clear understanding about external factors and industry trends that influence the business of the hospitality organization.It further attempts to identify and understand the strengths and weaknesses of the organization that will be derived from the Key success Factors. The organization will be evaluated on the basis of four core areas which are Operations; Marketing; Human Resources; & Finance. The effectiveness of growth methodology practiced by the brand would be analyzed.A set of suitable and practically applicable recommendations that would ensure a smooth and flawless operation and add value to the success story of the brand will be derived from internal and external analysis of the brand.Theoretical Frameworks such as Porter Generic Model, Bowman Strategy Clock and Ansoff Matrix will be utilized effectively to identify strategic choice of the business and suggest strategic directions which would lay strong guidelines that would help the organization to strengthen its position further and allow the organization deal with challenges occurring in a dynamic and regal business environment.A conclusion will be drawn which presents an argument how an organization implements growth strategies and other recommended strategies based on an implementation plan that would be developed to successfully implement the strategic recommendations to govern a successful business. A future forecast can also be derived that would impact the business in the near future.Introduction:India is country that is known for its richness in culture and natural resources. It consists of a diverse variety of people who belong to different ethnic origins. (Cushman & Wakefield 2009) According to WTTC India is one of fastest growing...

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