Competitive Study Between Leading Brands: Pepsi Vs Coke

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PREFACECola wars is the term used to describe the campaign of mutually-targeted television advertisements in the 1980s between Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola. They first began showing people doing blind taste tests in which they preferred one product over the other, then they began hiring more and more popular spokespersons to promote their products.They focused particularly on rock stars; notable soft drink promoters included Michael Jackson (for Pepsi) and Paula Abdul (for Diet Coke). One example of a heated exchange that occurred during the Cola Wars was Coca-Cola making a strategic retreat on July 11, 1985, by announcing its plans to bring back Coke Classic. Royal Crown Cola was also a major competitor with Coke and Pepsi during the "Cola Wars."The Cola Wars are referenced in the Billy Joel song "We Didn't Start the Fire"; in the South Park episode "It's Christmas in Canada"; and recently in the internet game Kingdom of Loathing.In 1985, Coca-Cola and Pepsi were launched into space aboard the Space Shuttle in order to conduct a taste test. The companies had to design special cans for use in zero G conditions. The experiment was classified a failure by the shuttle crew, primarily due to the lack of refrigeration and gravity. Coke would later return to space with an improved delivery system.During the 1990s, a "second cola war" was reported in the United Kingdom. This time it was due to the launch of Virgin Cola and Sainsbury's generic Classic Cola, that, unlike most generic colas, was designed to look like a top product worthy of competition. For a few years both colas gave Coca Cola and Pepsi a run for the money, Coca Cola even sued Sainsburys claming the design of their cans was far too similar to theirs. However, today, both Virgin and Classic Cola are far behind the two major brands.TABLE OF CONTENTSTopic Page No.I. Introduction 61. Cola-war - International Scenarioa. Historyb. Advertising History & Commercialsc. Slogans2. Industry Overview 11a. Pepsib. Coke3. Cola-Wara. Cola War: The Conceptb. Cola's in India; Major Players & PortfolioII. Research Methodology1. Problem Statement 202. Sampling3. Research Objectives4. Source Of Data And Data Collection Method5. Questionnaire Design6. LimitationsIII. Research Analysis ....231. Analysis And Findings...242. Interpretations & Recommendations...333. ConclusionsV. Appendix1. Questionnaire for Survey2. Questionnaire For Video InterviewVI. Referencea. COLA WAR INTERNATIONAL SENARIOa. HistoryThere's little doubt that the most spirited and intense competition in the beverage world is between Coca-Cola and Pepsi. These two American companies long ago took their battle worldwide, and although there are other colas in the market, these giants occupy this high-stakes arena by themselves. The impact of Coke and Pepsi on popular culture is indisputable, and I have observed in my time managing this web site that America has not become jaded about the cola wars. The memorabilia, the jingles, the trivia...

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1106 words - 4 pages The case study "Cola Wars Continue: Coke and Pepsi in the Twenty-First Century" focuses on describing Coke and Pepsi within the CSD industry by providing detailed statements about the companies’ accounts and strategies to increase their market share. Furthermore, the case also focuses on the Coke vs. Pepsi goods which target similar groups of costumers, and how these companies have had and still have great reputation and continue to take risks

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1934 words - 8 pages ones adopting the DSD method, which is the only delivery category that provides a positive net profit per unit. Other driving forces for Pepsi and Coke to integrate bottlers are that, by doing this, they can narrow down the number of packagers they deal with, lower costs of negotiation with bottlers, and set up barriers to find buyers for other smaller national CPs.Question 2Bargaining power of buyers is the weakest competitive force for CPs. On

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2961 words - 12 pages benefit in these three aspects: brand recognition, market share, and innovation. According to Boone (2012), an oligopoly is "a market situation in which relatively few sellers compete and high startup costs form barriers to keep out new competitors" (p. 80). Pepsi and Coke each competing for the highest market shared ended up forming an oligopoly giving them the market share advantage over any other brands. Competition between Coke and Pepsi now

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1101 words - 4 pages itself. I conclude that there is not much difference between Coke and Pepsi. The requirements for success are to detect all the changes in the future.While both companies have been in Eastern Europe for many years, the main task now is to develop the market. Both Coca-Cola and Pepsi are trying to have their colas available in as many locations in Eastern Europe as possible, and are recognizing the concepts which are becoming more important in

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3585 words - 14 pages most beautiful woman in the world... Aishwarya Rai, the figures mind boggling 30 Million Indian Rupees!! Coke's investment in tying up with the celebrities from all sectors is huge... Sports, Films, Social workers, you name and it is there1.2. Competitive Analysis:The main competitors for Coke are familiar names like Pepsi, Cadbury, Dabur (India) and some other local brands. The major challenge comes from Pepsi of course, as Coke bought out its

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