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Complementary And Alternative Medicine Essay

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It is impossible to deny the fact that living creatures in general and human beings in particular have an extraordinary ability to heal their wounds in the shortest amount of time. In other words, the overall system of a person naturally promotes self-cleansing, self-repair, and accordingly, self-healing. Scientists have been proving that paying attention to the nine fundamental systems in the body including circulation, digestion, respiration, intestine, urine, gland, neuron, structure, and immune, plays a key role in enhancing this healing process (Balcu 209). Once these constitutional systems are put under control, patients will have fewer difficulties in curing disease as well as healing illness. In general, obtaining and remaining biological balance is the answer to anyone who desires to have a healthy internal system. And complementary and alternative medicine, which is regarded as the most productive approach in the humanistic history of medicine, can help humans to attain that balance.
Understanding the non-medical philosophy of self-healing and well being mentioned above, complementary and alternative medicine has developed its holistic approach to human body, a method in which a cure for a specific disease condition is applied on the whole body rather than on just a certain separated symptom. For instance, naturopathy, a specific branch of CAM, takes into accounts a patient’s biomechanics and even emotional predispositions in order to help him or her rebuild the original balance. Instead of prohibiting therapies and other medical implementation like conventional medicine usually does, this alternative holistic medicine does assist a healthy lifestyle by setting up certain rules which allow bodies to utilize their healing systems itself ("Naturopathy Aims Not Only to Treat Disease but Also to Restore Health" 1). Thereby, putting natural healing methods into use will enhance the body ability to recover, and simultaneously, strengthen its renewal systems. Take fever as an example. When the body is invaded by substance or viruses capable of producing illness or disease, it will naturally respond by producing a fever to fight the attacker. If the patients are appropriately supplied with adequate nutrition and sufficient rest, the fever will then activate the immune system and allow the process of health recovery to happen. Other instances are hormonal system, nervous system, elimination pathways, and other human organs, which all work as a unit to ensure our long term durability. If given the proper assistance, alleviation, and the freedom to function without suppression, the body system can be brought back to a more balanced state. There are many kinds of appropriate health care and supplements that naturopathic doctors and other CAM practitioners such as herbalists, chiropractics, therapists, homoeopathists, and reflexologists often offer their patients. Each categorical method works in its own way to help the body retain its...

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