Complementary Colour Scheme Lesson Plan Essay

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Students are aware of the primary colours and secondary colours on the colour wheel.

There is a female student that constantly asking for the instruction to be repeated following each stage of the activity. Also, there is another male student

OBJECTIVES (Written in Behavioural Terms):
1. Identify, after viewing colour wheel, that complementary colours are two colours (a primary and secondary colour) directly opposite each other on the colour wheel.
2. Explain using the colour wheel that complementary colour consists of a warm and cool colour.
3. Choose the paints to mix to create the secondary colour for the complementary scheme.
4. Create a picture of flower or fish and paint using a complementary scheme.

INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCES (List of Materials, Charts, A/V Aids, etc.):
White board, expo dry erase markers, colour wheel

Resources provided by teacher
White poster paper, pictures of fishes and flowers, paint (primary colours), paint brushes, water containers, newspaper, sanitary plates (palettes).

Resources created by teacher
Pictures of complementary colour scheme
Chart on complementary colours
Sample of activity

CONTENT (add attachments as necessary):
A colour scheme is a plan for organizing colours. Complementary colours are two colours directly opposite each other, a primary colour and a secondary colour. The complementary schemes are exciting. This scheme is loud and demand attention.

INTRODUCTION (must be related to the topic):
Students place into five groups with one spokesperson for each group. After viewing each picture student will discuss the picture and explain what they understand about the colours in the picture. The spokesperson will explain what the group sees and understand about the colours used in the picture. Each group will be given one minute to discuss. Ten points will be award to groups that identify complementary colours. If the group does not identify complementary colour the next group will look at the same picture and five point will be awarded to the next group if the answer correctly.

Recite the word jewelry Pronounce and identify the word jewelry.
Show and tell using the chart the;
 Definition of jewelry
 Different types of jewelry
 Patterns and texture of jewelry After...

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