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Complementary Medicine Formally Provided In Health Care System

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Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is a treatment or cure that is given additionally along with doctor’s care. There are many different CAMs such as acupuncture, hypnosis, yoga, massage and herbal therapy. They are very popular in Asia, especially among Chinese communities. However, the use of CAM is very limited in the health care system of many Western countries, including Canada, due to several reasons. In my point of view, it should be formally recognized and provided as a part of mainstream health care system. Firstly, people nowadays would prefer complementary and alternative medicine rather than conventional medicine. Secondly, the altitude of healthcare professionals has changed a lot, most of young physicians are now considering the use of CAMs into their practice. Finally, the government needs to regulate some of the CAM treatments so in order to promote the use of CAMs and create a better healthcare system.
To begin with, there are four types of complementary and alternative medicine, which are categorized by Tataryn based on their own approaches (Kelner, Wellman, n.d.). While the first one is called Body, which focuses on diets, herbs and manipulation, the second type concentrates on thoughts and visions, called Body Minded. Body-Energy (Kelner, Wellman, n.d.). The third type, is about acupuncture, cure by touch (Kelner, Wellman, n.d.). The last one is Body-Spirit, using faith and prayers to cure (Kelner, Wellman, n.d.). Researches are being conducted by experts to determine whether CAM is safe enough to be in use and its effectiveness. Having said that, it is never easy to conclude these benefits. Experts are having troubles with some treatments like prayer. Despite all of its limitation, Canada is still putting some efforts in developing CAM. The most important act is to release an organization called The Natural Health Product Directorate (NHPD), which is responsible for examining the safety of CAM’s products. Moreover, NHPD also needs to provide more funds for CAM’s research. CAM is considered as a good treatment, but it also has drawbacks in addition to benefits.
One of the main reasons CAM should be regulated and included in the healthcare system is that patients prefer it than conventional treatment. It is because many people feel safer as they can participate in the CAM treatment. For instance, when a person chooses to use CAM, he or she has to fill questionnaires about their life, work and some more background information, which makes him or her feel better and more comfortable (Complementary Medicine, n.d). Since no one knows their wellbeing better than themselves, people take better care of their own health. Moreover, a lot of people find some of the complementary and alternative medicine treatments, such as yoga, meditation and massage, very relaxing and enjoyable. Not only do these therapies help cure the diseases, but they also create a calm and stable state of minds for the patients, which is very...

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