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CREATIVE WRITING - Short StoryAfter Scott had finished talking with Sarah, they both left the park going in their separate directions. But Scott hadn't gone far before he heard the roaring of a car, entering the park grounds. This car was being driven by Darren ( Sarah's boyfriend ). The car seemed out of control and it was heading straight for Scott. Scott tried moving out of the path way. Wherever he moved the car would follow him.Sarah who was now walking with Adam ( Scott's best mate ). They both heard the commotion and turned around in time to see Scott get rammed onto the bonnet, over the roof and make a loud thud on the ground. Darren then lost control of the car and ploughed straight into a tree. He then reverted from the car and started heading towards the badly bruised Scott. When Adam and Sarah saw the incident they ran to Scott's assistance. Scott did not look too good and was in no condition for a confrontation. Sarah and Adam checked to see if he was ok and started to take him to get help.Darren then became even more envious of Scott receiving all the attention again, just like when Sarah talked to Scott and not him and then she would not mention what they talked about. What Darren failed to see was that Sarah and Scott had been friends for a long time and he couldn't accept that. He was extremely jealous of their relationship!Now Darren was real angry. He chased after Scott with one thing one his mind. To keep him from Sarah. As he got closer he lunged out to hit Scott from behind but missed and hit Sarah. She fell to the ground and then Adam stepped in and knocked...

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The magic of words: Creative writing

876 words - 4 pages Magic of WordsSometimes small words said by right person at the right time do big magic. My boarding experience did just that. I hope at the end of this story I convince everyone sitting in this room to realize that simple words you say can change someone's life. After my 6th grade, I was sent to the boarding school, which according to my parents was the best option for me. I was really interested in playing soccer and I was also getting a

How does the interaction between strangers change throughout a complete episode of come dine with me?

2375 words - 10 pages Come Dine with me is a reality TV show where four contestants compete to throw the best dinner party. They each throw a dinner party over the course of a week, and mark each other out of ten based on food, atmosphere and overall experience. The host with the most points at the end of the week wins a thousand pounds. Furthermore the show was originally aired in 2005 and since then it has only grown in popularity and has become a familiar TV show

A Complete Look at Fad Dieting and Your Health

1146 words - 5 pages individual block protein is 7 grams, carbohydrates are 9 grams and fat is 3 grams. The three blocks go together when eating to make what the Zone diet considers to be a complete block. It is when one eats a complete block that insulin levels are at their prime for weight loss. It is then that you have to have so many complete blocks at meal time to achieve the right insulin levels. The Zone diet allows for the eating of most foods as long as you

A Complete Look at Fad Dieting and Your Health

1136 words - 5 pages in the body known as ketosis. Both diets have come under criticism from the medical community. Both diets have books written by the creators and websites put together to help you with your dieting. Now that we have looked at the similarities between both the South Beach diet and the Atkins diet, let us now take a look at how these diets differ. The differences between the South Beach diet and the Atkins diet: The South Beach diet

Ruth - Set On "Create a piece of creative writing on one of your or your parent's most embarrassing experiences."

689 words - 3 pages pimples like towns on a map. Upon reaching the bathroom I slid to a halt in front of the mirror, squeezing my eyes up tight, not daring to open them for fear of what I might see. I managed to find the will-power to open them a crack, which was enough to see that I had just made myself look like a complete dork in front of the prettiest girl in school. I lay down on the floor and groaned loudly.

Discuss a cultural text of your choice in relation to representation and ideology

2885 words - 12 pages , it does not seem right that they should be dancing but if it is like football, it is not so bad. Another reason for them accepting that it is alright, is the drive for £1,000. As Gaz said (in another scene,) "folk don't laugh so loud we you gotta grand in your back pocket." The scene, which follows, also reminds us of the difference between middle and lower class, they all go round to Gerald's house. It is a fairly large, detached house

Groups in Context(Families In Crisis)- Conduct a detailed investigation into the group of your choice

2095 words - 8 pages survive on a single income.GOVERNMENT POLICY AND LEGISLATION:Government policy and legislation related to families in crisis will vary widely depending on the nature of the crisis. For example; legislation and policy in regard to financial support (eg: Centrelink), natural disasters, family breakdowns and domestic violence.The Australian Constitution divides legislative powers between the Commonwealth Parliament and the State and Territory Parliaments

Is there a Correlation between Gender and the Choice of a College Major?

2730 words - 11 pages Have you ever wondered whether or not there was any correlation between gender and college major? We conducted a survey consisting of 105 people (51 males and 54 females) and of those people, 34.3% (17 males and 19 females) did not think that there was a direct correlation between the two. Our goal was to see if gender did in fact influence one’s choice of major, or if it had no influence at all. After proper surveying and thorough analysis of

A Shift in the Balance of Power Between the Generations and the Sexes Throughout Hobsons Choice

2047 words - 8 pages A Shift in the Balance of Power Between the Generations and the Sexes Throughout Hobsons Choice The stereotypical view of that period was that men had more power compared to women. Whether it was a father or a husband they had a more powerful status. The women were seen as the weaker sex and second class citizens this is portrayed by Jim, " a woman's foolishness begins where a mans leave's off." Women had a very

"Analyse the impact of globalisation in EITHER a country OR a region of your choice." I chose London, England

2846 words - 11 pages ABSTRACTChoosing a country to focus this question on was difficult and, having examined Less Economically Developed Economics within the first essay, I decided to focus on a Western Country and the impact of globalisation on an already very industrialised civilisation. It was difficult to decide between looking at the impact of globalisation on London or New York especially with the current climate in the USA after September 11th. Although New

A few words of Plato

1741 words - 7 pages . I took a closer look and the only words the book contained were "Plato 328 B.C." I shut the book and was about to leave when I heard a whirling of hidden machines and a bright flash of light, suddenly I was in a sunny grove wearing a toga, sitting next to me was a man writing on a scroll labeled "The Republic." I realized must be Plato. Plato: Ah hello my young friend, you must be one Professor Einstein's students. How can I help you? Jacob: I

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950 words - 4 pages the German wielded, some several times. Martin was blessed in that he only took one bullet.Astonished to hear a human voice form actual words, Martin Anderson turned toward its source. Billy Parkins was crawling slowly toward him. Parkins had lived on a farm half-a-mile from Martin's own. He seemed distressed and Martin followed the other youth's gaze. The source of Billy Parkins' concern was the fire Martin had seen earlier. It was much closer

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720 words - 3 pages is the traditionalist, they believe that globalization is a myth and they argue that the passage of goods and capital across national boundaries has happened for centuries, bringing with it the speared of different cultures and knowledge. In the 19 century there was a norm for the open trading between countries and globalization can be seen as expansion of those ideas, also it tend to ignore the continuities with the past and the activity of

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784 words - 3 pages Conflict is a major theme in Shakespeare's play King Lear. The conflict between parents and children is what makes up most of this theme. Lear is often having arguments with his three daughters, Regan, Goneril and Cordelia. The theme of "loyalty" is also one that stands out and has a large affect on the play.The tragedy begins with one of the most prominent arguments of the play. In the opening scene Lear decides that he will split his kingdom

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678 words - 3 pages shows how disasters occur when natural hazards affect vulnerable people (Wisner et al. 2003). The vulnerability of people is rooted in social processes and underlying causes which may be isolated from the disaster. The foundation of the PAR model is that a disaster is the connecting factor between two opposing forces. The two opposing forces are what generate vulnerability and the natural hazard event. The release part of the model considers the