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Complete Business Plan For Ficticious Marketing Consultant Firm Includes Cash Budget And Statement Of Cash Flows

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After much thought, we have decided to open a small marketing consultant firm, A & L Marketing. A & L Marketing specializes in providing marketing solutions to jump start sales and profits for small local and regional business owners. We've found that most small business owners are great at what they do but don't have a clue how to market themselves! What we do is provide the marketing know-how to turn a small business into a big success. We offer no nonsense, straightforward advice that can be applied immediately to start growing a business.Our mission is to help smaller businesses through their challenging times, to help them grow bigger and better, and to be more prepared for their future. Whatever the business venture, products and/or services, sales or rentals, we believe we can help improve the businesses value and reality. We will work at bringing out the best in a company's team, and in developing and implementing unique creative sales and marketing solutions that will enable them to position themselves out in front of the competition.We develop smart, effective marketing strategies, executing them to the highest standards of creative work, without driving you crazy or broke. We offer what we call "critical life support services" for new start-ups and emerging smaller companies. Our critical life support services include a variety of consultant and advertising services which deliver huge results, dramatically increasing sales and profits. Services offered include; internet strategy creation and web-design, creation of marketing and promotional materials, including brochures and manuals, as well as technical and application support materials such as power point presentations. The creation of business plans, strategies and models are also offered. Our services may expand as we find out what our customers needs are and what services are coming into demand.In offering our services, we want to not only identify a company's needs but implement cost-effective "common-sense" and "creative" strategies and solutions. With the correct strategy we can enhance corporate image, industry presence, and market share. We can also improve company efficiency and team productivity by "streamlining" and "fine-tuning" company operations, processes and procedures. We can help businesses access new customers and develop more opportunities by exploring new markets via new approaches within your business. We can also help businesses to create a definitive, attainable, proactive plan for the future, so that there will be no stopping the growth the company can experience.With all of the services combined, A & L Marketing will be able to offer the best advice and promotional pieces at a fraction of the cost of other advertising agencies and consultant firms. Most agencies charge $75.00 per hour or more depending on the task. A & L Marketing will only charge $50.00 per hour, no matter the request and will offer every new business a one-time free hour...

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