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Complex System Of Self Organizing Essay

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Complex System of Self-Organizing
Steven Johnson in the selection “The Myth of the Ant Queen” talks about the intelligence and ability of members in a complex low level system that leads to self-organize into a higher level system. Johnson emphasizes that self-organizing system is not posed or controlled from the outside source rather it is set and controlled based on internal intelligence of each individual. The bottom up system is not like a pacemaker, organizing, controlling and telling the rest what to do or how to do, but it is the instinct or natural law that requires no boss or reinforcement from outside. In “The myth of the Ant Queen” Johnson also speaks about a research on urban living that is not lead and controlled by a leader or pacemaker, everyone is busy doing their own things on their own way. Johnson’s idea of self-organizing complex system challenges and brings a different understanding on Azar Nafisi’s perspective on her memoir “Reading Lolita in Tehran” about women’s situation in Iranian society and their limited access to outside sources. In a sense, Iran’s social and political system is the same as ants’ colony, Ayatollah Khomeini is the leader but of course he does not control or tell everyone what to do or not to do. In fact, Islamic rules and regulations have become an internal guide for women to follow that guideline of Islam even if they are not told to do so. Therefore, Johnson’s perspective of self-organized complex systems shed a light on Azar Nafisi’s argument about Iranian society and government and its restrictions on women’s life that is based more on Islamic patterns. Those patterns are followed naturally and women’s way of dressing has become a natural and accepted way of being women in Iranian society.
According to Johnson’s explanation of ants living system, in order to build a colony a mass is needed, not just a few ants can build a colony. These members do not necessarily need to know the best interests for them as a colony, but the members act simple and do not question the colony. Members look on each other and get feedback to change anything in their behavior; this is the same for humans in urban areas that they look at each other in public area and try to be and act better or the same as others. Ants follow a trail that is left from other ants which is more like following a pattern. And the last one is learning from neighbors what is best to do in a best time. From the ant colony, Johnson talks about living style in big cities, Manchester is an example how humans take over their behaviors and acts. Johnson brings up the ant’s queen position as a leader who does not lead the colony system but of course every ant respects her and is in her service. “The queen is not an authority figure. She lays eggs and is fed and cared by the workers. She does not decide which worker does what…it’s in the colony’s best interest…their genes instruct them to protect their mother’” (Johnson 170). Therefore, it is...

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