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Complex Traits: Height Essay

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Complex traits: Height
Complex traits are controlled by many genes and whose inheritance does not follow the rules of Mendelian genetics. There are many complex traits such as blood pressure, height, cardiovascular disease, or autism. These human traits can be inherited of altered by the environment or nutrition in a diet. One complex human trait such as height is 60 to 80% inherited and the other 20 to 40% depends on the diet and there environmental factors. High is also an example of phenotype. Phenotype is a visible or observable expression of the result of genes, and the environmental influence on an organism appearance or behavior. Other examples of phenotype includes eye color, ...view middle of the document...

This was said based on his research he has done by studding 3,375 pairs of Australian twins and siblings the Tech Museum Innovation. This estimate was supported based on the large amount of twins and sibling and a broad survey of genetic markers. In the United States the heritability of height was estimated as 80% for white men. This estimates were all supported by a study of 8,798 pairs of fraternal twins, the percentage of heritability was 78% percent for men and 75% percent for women.
Many people that have different genetic backgrounds or live in different environments have heritability of height much lower than 80% percent. An example is in 2004 Miao-Xin Li of Human Normal University in China and his colleagues estimated a heritability of 65% percent this was based on Chinese population of 355 families. In the African population their heritability is also lower. If a person was to be taller then the average height 805 percent of the extra centimeters is due to environmental effects such as nutrition. This nutrition ban be minerals in particular calcium and vitamins A and D all influence height.
There are many people that are born with growth failure. This people take treatments that help them grow. These treatments are Mecasermin Injection, Sermoline Acetate, and Somatrem. All this treatments are growth hormones that are given to children who have
developed neutralizing...

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