Hard Work Is Not A Recipe For Success: It's An Ingredient

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I agree with Sierra from The Phoenix and the Olive Branch, that it's not us, it's you. It's not Millennials who believe they're special, it's their parents. It's the parents who gave every kid one the team a participation trophy. It's the parents who promised us all we needed was to do well in school, attend a high-ranked college, and we would have a blissful middle class career. With the reality of high-student loan debt and the endless stream of deadend unpaid and under paid internships setting in, it's no wonder millennial are indigent at being lied too. But, “we can't be wrong”, say the parents, “that recipe has to work, it did for us. It must be your fault, you and your generation, you must be too lazy for it to work.” All the while there was much more than their “hard work” which made them successful in their lives, namely post-WWII prosperity and sacrifices their parents made. But admitting that would be admiting that their not special, and we can't demand any generation to admit that they're not special now can we?
The idea that millennial's problems are that they're lazy fits right into a familiar cultural narrative. The cultural narrative that says if you work hard enough, you can reach your goals and achieve anything. People are so invested in this cultural narrative that if they see someone who isn't successful, like millennial who can't find a job in their field which pays their bills, they automatically think they must not of worked hard enough; they must be lazy. If great success comes from hard work, than meager or no success comes from laziness. It's much easier just to blame the individual's work ethic for their stagnation at life, then to look at the faults of society which has let them down. However, it's not just millennial's parents which are invested in this cultural narrative, millennials are too. They may scream, “I've worked hard my whole life! I deserve a good job!” They too believe that hard work automatically...

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