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Complexities Associated With The Parkinson’s Disease

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Before proceeding with caring for Parkinson patients, it is important to understand about the disease. A progressive nervous system disorder, Parkinson’s affects the person’s ability to move, speak or write because of the accelerated loss of the brain chemical dopamine. The symptoms begin in most people after the age of 50. Starting with the slight tremor of the hand, sometimes patients undergo complete stiffness. To this very day, there is no prescribed cure for the disease. Medical experts believe that the disease is caused by various environmental and genetic factors. The inability to move and severity of symptoms sometimes calls for the use of professionals caregivers.
Causes of Parkinsons
Patients with Parkinsons usually have low levels of neuro transmitter- dopamine. The cells that generate this are known as dopaminergic neurons are situated in the substantia nigra part of the brain. Medical experts are yet to find the relevant cause behind the death of these cells. It is when the dopamine levels are low that the person is unable to control or manage their movements. In Parkinson’s the levels progressively drop. Moreover, there is no proper Parkinson disease treatment available in the market till date. Medications are given to reduce the symptoms to a certain level.
Parkinson can never be direct cause of death. Since it’s a progressive disease, the symptoms just gets worse. Incurable, the chronic disease in most people is idiopathic, which meant that the specific cause was unknown. Small proportion of people associates the disease with genetic factors.
Environmental factors: Increased symptoms of Parkinson’s are associated with certain environmental factors. This includes pesticide exposure, head injuries, rural environments, drinking well water, implicated agents including the insecticides, organochlorines, exposure to heavy metals etc. However, no health industry research exists supporting the environmental factors to be the reason behind its cause.
Genetic factors: It is always been considered a non-genetic disorder. Around 15% of patients have first-degree relative with the disease 5% have the disease for the mutation of specific gene. Mutations can cause Parkinson’s, and the mutated genes related to it are SNCA and LRRK2.
Symptoms of Parkinson’s
For most of the patients, the...

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