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Compliance To Attitude Amongst College Students

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Authority is the power or right to give order make decision, and enforce obedience. The people that are normally authority figure are parents, teachers, police officials, religious leaders, supervisors, or anyone that has the power of control. A notable philosopher Bertrand Russell quotes “As soon as we abandon our own reason, and are content to rely upon authority there is no end trouble. “Russell believe people will always have trouble if they give up their own reason and obey authority ,but can one be rebellious towards authority if they were taught to start conforming at an early age in life.
At the age of “terrible” 2 children start off with noncompliance age as they begin to explore ...view middle of the document...

”( Njegovan, Ratković, Maja2,Nešić ;2011) Students learn to comply with authority because of positive connotation they have with authorities. They are taught this is the right way to go and act and if you don’t then you may be punished for or deem bizarre.
According from the article What is Compliance by Kendra Cherry, she describe why compliance with authority leads to people who are
“More likely to comply when they believe that they share something in common with the person. When group affiliation is important to people, they are more likely to comply with social pressure. For example, if a college student places a great deal of importance on belonging to a college fraternity, they are more likely to go along with the group's requests even if it goes against their own beliefs or wishes. The likelihood of compliance increases with the number of people present. If only one or two people are present, a person might buck the group opinion and refuse to comply. Being in the immediate presence of a group makes compliance more likely.”(Cherry) ,When people don’t comply with the demands of others, they are looking to be rebellious or showing a desire to resist authority control, or convention, challenge authority and break the rules or refusing to obey rules or authority to accept normal standards or behaviors.
To be rebellious is a personal decision for a person to rather comply or rebel. According from this article How Teenage Rebellion Has Become a Mental Illness by Bruce E. Levine says that “not complying with authority is now , in many cases ,labeled a disease”(Levine,2008). So many are given medication to control their rebelliousness. It is assumed easier to just go along with other or authority when they are deemed to be right or powerful. For example in the famous case of Stanley Milgram‘s Obedience Experiment, Stanley reveals the power of authority could be used to get people to conform, In the experiment participants were asked to deliver electrical shocks to another person. Even though the shocks were unknowingly harmless, they thought it was. Milgram findings...

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