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Complications Of Ivf Essay

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About 16% of heterosexual couples ages 18-44 are experiencing infertility. Indeed, it is seen in previous studies that the older the woman the higher the rate of infertility, but recent studies have indicated that couples ages 19-29 the rate of infertility has increased in a range from 7% to 13.7%. In addition, infertility is defined as the inability to conceive after a whole year of intercourse without the use of contraception. Infertility has a very high emotional impact on couples. According to Sher, Davis and Stoess (2005) “When asked what they considered to be a primary problem in their lives, almost 80 percent of the couples replied that it was their inability to conceive.” It usually ...view middle of the document...

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When a couple decides to undergo IVF, having only one egg taken out of the woman’s body does not result in a successful pregnancy. To avoid that mishap, multiple eggs are collected at once. In order for multiple eggs to be collected a process called ovulation induction is used. Furthermore, multiple birth rates usually increase with woman who are at maternal age trying to conceive. Woman who are undergoing this complication have to prepare themselves for a premature birth. If they decide not to go threw with giving birth to more than one child by the end of the first trimester there is a process of selective birthing which is basically an abortion process that can cause physically disability with the developing fetus. (Sher et al., 2005)
Ovarian stimulation is a procedure that involves the use of many hormones to stimulate the follicles of the ovaries and release more eggs; not healthy eggs are always released. Ovarian stimulation does not only cause multiple births, but it can further complicate and cause Ovarian Hyper-stimulation Syndrome (OHSS). OHSS is a reproductive disorder where the ovaries become swollen and painful, and fluid can leak into the abdomen & chest area; it effects 1 in 10 woman that undergo IVF. Conversely, having ones ovaries swell 3x in its size does prove that pregnancy has occurred. Symptoms will continue to get worse after a week of pregnancy (Justice & Counselman, 2008). Fortunately, this disease is not life threatening but it can be very painful; symptoms can range from moderate to severe. There is no therapy for OHSS, the patient just usually has to use simple tactics when sleeping so the fluid doesn’t move into their abdomen or chest.
As previously stated, there are two methods used to treat IVF. Ovulation induction being one of them can also cause ectopic pregnancy. According to Sher et al (2005) an ectopic pregnancy is “is a gestation that occurs outside of the uterine cavity.” Ovulation induction can can cause the embryo to attach to the fallopian tubes (the most common site for an ectopic pregnancy to occur). In normal...

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