Free Agency Essay

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Free Agency

     In today’s world everyone is trying to get their own piece of the pie. People are beginning to lose sight of leadership and beginning to focus on individuality “free agency”. Yes I think the world is changing towards “free agency”, but I believe we should stay with the teamwork and leadership that has built our workforce for the past century.
     Leadership is the ability get people together and getting a task done. This is the meaning that is used in the workforce. For the past century we have used leadership to build fortune five hundred companies. Before the start of the free agency period, company’s we lead by a CEO and managers. They would tell their employees their tasks and set deadlines and goals for their projects. Now everyone is starting to use this free agency way of running a workforce. The free agency is based on individualism. This means that they are more focused on themselves as individuals, rather then the company, family, or community. The free agency generation is focusing on their career destiny a better lifestyle and be able to show their talents quickly instead of working their way up the ladder as in the traditional sense.
     In my opinion, I do believe in free agency. I think in this day in age things are changing, as they do all the time. The people in the world today are all worried about being ahead of the competition, and in order to do that you have to be a step ahead of your competition. This means you need the best in the business, or certain individuals to get the job done. I don’t think that this can be done by just an individual though. I think

that today’s workforce needs to get away fro the CEO tradition and move towards more group oriented styles of leadership. This way the group comes together and decides on
their own issues instead of the CEO doing all of the talking so to speak. If you haven’t notice in the last few years CEO’s have not done a great job of keeping their companies together such as the Enron scandal. Therefore, companies can pick the best individuals in the workforce and tie them together in certain job styles and let them become as one an lead themselves to success.
     This idea of free agency could also cause a lot of problems in the workforce as well as helping the workforce. If the individuals do not work as a team and use leadership skills, they probably will just end up hurting the workforce. They have to be willing to nominate someone in their group as the leader or maybe captain. I used the word captain, because I like to look at this idea of a team of individuals as a baseball team. Say you have 20 players on a team and they were all very talented, but had no ability to work together as a team. In this case they are not going to play well together and will probably end up a %.500 winning ball club, or as in the workforce they would be a middle rated...

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