Complimentary, Alternative And Integrative Medicine Essay

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Complimentary, Alternative and integrative Medicine
Complimentary, Alternative and Integrative MedicineAlternative medicine is defined as practices used in position of conventional medical treatments. Alternative medicine is a bit controversial since in often can take the place of conventional treatment; for example, a cancer patient declines to undergo radiation or chemotherapy and instead opts for nutritional supplements, specialized diet, and or bio-electromagnetic treatment, to cure his or her cancer (AMF, 2000).According to the Alternative Medicine Foundation (AMF) ; in the United States there are approximately 125 million American citizens that suffer from some kind of chronic illness. Chronic illness can be defined as a long-term condition or illness, where this is no known cure; examples are arthritis, high blood pressure or hypertension, back pain, allergies, digestive problems, and depression (AMF, 2000). Oftentimes, conventional medicine, that which is performed by medical doctors; cannot help people suffering from chronic conditions. These individuals often turn to alternative or complementary medicine for help; even just relief for their pain or symptoms.Complementary medicine is better described as medical practices that use alternative methods combined or partnered with, conventional medical treatments (AMF, 2000). An example of complementary medicine would be when a physician uses folic acid as a supplement for his or her pregnant patients, or niacin supplements for his or her patients with high cholesterol. Additionally, burn patients who use Aloe Vera along with their traditional medical treatments for recovering from burns; and arguably, when a cancer patient or glaucoma patient uses marijuana as a biologically-based treatment coupled with his or her traditional chemotherapy or radiation treatment demonstrates the practice of complementary medicine.The US National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) defines integrative medicine as combining conventional medical treatments and alternative treatments for which there is some high-quality scientific evidence of their safety and effectiveness (Snyderman, 2002). Snyderman (2002) discusses integrative medicine by describing it as: Integrative medicine is the expression being used for a new movement that is being formulated by the needs of customers, that is now receiving the awareness of numerous academic health centers. Importantly, integrative medicine is not one and the same with complementary and alternative medicine. Integrative has a far bigger significance and undertaking in that it calls for re-establishment of the focus of medicine on health and therapeutic and maintain the focus of the patient-physician relationship. In making sure that the best conventional care is provided, integrative medicine focuses on safeguarding continuation of health by concentrating to all relative components of lifestyle, stress management, exercise, diet, and emotional well...

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